The Bosch Smart Home App: the nerve centre of your Smart Home System

Straightforward and user-friendly, the Bosch Smart Home App covers all appliances and functions of your Smart Home System. You can check and control room temperature, lighting, electrical blinds, Indoor and Outdoor camera at a tap of your finger. You can also use preset and configured scenarios and define automated tasks with the app. So you have a host of functions to help you enhance convenience, safety and efficiency in your home.

Bosch Smart Home app: your benefits

  • Self-explanatory: clear interface design for easy intuitive operation
  • Accessible: gives you access to your Smart Home System – at home and away
  • Multi-user-capable: with two levels of authorisation for different users
  • Central: create rooms and appliances with just a couple of clicks
  • Intelligent: create, adapt and manage scenarios and automated tasks
  • Versatile: use it with your smartphone or tablet
  • Compatible: lets you integrate partner products like Philips Hue
  • Sustainable: thanks to continuous development and upgrades it is always up-to-date

Bosch Smart Home App

  • This is the central display and control element for your Bosch Smart Home System.
  • It transmits your commands to the Bosch Smart Home Controller
  • It saves all personal data locally on the Smart Home Controller – any remote commands you send are encrypted
  • Compatible with Android 4.4 smartphones/iOS 9 and higher
One system, one app

Control and manage all connected appliances – at a tap of your finger

Everything under control

Did I leave the blinds in the bedroom open or half-closed? Is the radio still on in the den? One glance at the app lets you know. The Bosch Smart Home App always keeps you in the picture on the current status of your settings and appliances.

Everything in view

Close the blinds, switch on the radio: the Bosch Smart Home App lets you control integrated appliances from the comfort of the couch or via remote access in the office.

Access anywhere

The Smart Home controller is the centrepiece of your Bosch Smart Home system. Use the easy-to-understand user interface to set up your system, integrate appliances, manage rooms and adapt all functions to suit your requirements.

Child's play to use and safe for children

Your Smart Home System is child's play to use – and your children can safely use it. Two authorisation levels are available for each user. The easy level lets users find their way around faster, but not change any important settings. So the whole family, and not only digital natives, can use their smartphone to launch scenarios or select lighting moods.

System expansion: the smart cameras

Now you can integrate the 360° Indoor Camera and Eyes Outdoor Camera into your system and control and network them with other appliances via your Smart Home App.

360° Indoor Camera

Intelligent indoor monitoring

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Eyes Outdoor Camera

Security on your doorstep

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Separate apps for separate solutions

Smart Camera App

The Smart Camera App lets you control your 360° Indoor Camera or Eyes Outdoor Camera when you use it as a single solution.

Twinguard App

Twinguard is a single solution. The Twinguard Starter Set and Twinguard App are the basis for optimising air quality in your home.