Flexible programmes for added convenience

Dishwashing, washing and drying laundry, cooking dinner- all of these tasks now have an efficient and time saving alternative, giving added convenience to your daily life. The Bosch Smart Home System allows you to control your home appliances from the Smart Home App. Simply set the finish time of the dishwasher, washing machine or dryer program as you like, so that all appliances have finished by the time you get home.
Your household appliances adapt to your daily routine and not the other way round so if your circumstances change, you can change the times through your smartphone. You can also see what's in your fridge even when you're away from home.

Smart household solutions: your benefits

  • Automation- eases the strain of daily chores
  • Remote control- control appliances even when you're away from home
  • Flexible- set the finish time of programs to suit your schedule
  • Accessible- program run times and end are displayed via the App
  • Compatible- EEBus-enabled appliances from the Home Connect range can be integrated into the Smart Home System via the standard SPINE interface

Less housework, more time to enjoy life

Integrate your household appliances into the Smart Home System and reap the benefit of more flexibility and convenience at home in the future. Visit our partner website for details of integrating Bosch household appliances into our Bosch Smart Home System.

Bosch Household Appliances