The smart home with infinite possibilities

More partnerships – more possibilities: the Smart Home System offers you a variety of compatible products, not to mention fascinating combination possibilities. Enjoy the fascination of smart lighting control with our partner Philips Hue, for instance. Or as of autumn 2017 you can control your Smart Home by voice command with our partner Amazon Echo. Enjoy improved heating convenience through intelligent connection of your Smart Home System to a partner heating system. Find out more about our partners and make the most of your smart home's possibilities.

Our partnerships: overview of your benefits

  • Compatible: smart interaction of different product worlds
  • Simple: self-explanatory installation with app support
  • Central: control of all components by your Smart Home System
  • Sustainable: the system can be extended and updated

Partner with a radiant image: Philips Hue

You decide on the lighting atmosphere in your home, and you can do so individually for each room.Centrally control up to 50 lamps with Philips Hue via your Smart Home System. Find out more on our Philips Hue partner website.

Control your Smart Home on command: Amazon Alexa

Benefit in the future from innovative ways of controlling your Smart Home: Amazon's intelligent digital voice recognition forwards your commands to your Bosch Smart Home System. Find out more on our Amazon Alexa partner website.

More flexibility in the household

Bosch Smart Home makes your household appliances more flexible and in turn, more efficient. Program the start and finish times while away from home and adjust appliances to suit your daily routine.