Your dishwasher is ready when you are

Would you like to wake up in the morning to brilliantly clean dishes in your dishwasher? Or come home after work in the evening to freshly washed laundry? In the future your washing machine, tumbler dryer and dishwasher will fall in with your daily routine. Easily integrate compatible Bosch appliances into your Bosch Smart Home System and program them while away from home to be finished on your return. Creased items in the tumble dryer or damp smelly garments left in the washing machine too long are past history. Make life easier for yourself – with smart Bosch household appliances.

How you benefit from smart home appliances in the future

  • Remote control- you can set your home appliances to work arond your schedule
  • Straightfoward- easy integration into your Bosch Smart Home System
  • Convenient- program run time and end are displayed on your app
  • Flexible- finish time of machine programs can be adjust according to your day
Networked household

Bosch Smart Home and Bosch Home Appliances

Here you can find a list of all Bosch Smart Home System compatible dishwashers.

For a simple integration into the Bosch Smart Home System you can register your compatible devices in a Home Connect account. More information about our cooperation partner can be found under the following link.