Smart interior and exterior lighting


Illuminate every moment in the right light

Smart light control in the Bosch Smart Home System

The right lighting conditions have a significant influence on the effect of a room. This is why smart light control is an essential part of the Bosch Smart Home System. In addition to smart flush-mounted solutions and the integration of lamps via plugs, we have brought in strong partners to further expand our range of products for you. One of them is LEDVANCE.

With the stylish LEDVANCE Smart+ Zigbee lamps, you can illuminate your home and even your outdoor area for every situation individually: Dim the intensity, determine your desired colour and make your home even more comfortable.

Easy to integrate…

Integrate the LEDVANCE Smart+ lamps directly into the Bosch Smart Home System via your controller. ZigBee 3.0 technology enables you to meet the highest security standards and to be directly connected, without additional devices (bridge, hub) or apps.

…for more security…

Your LEDVANCE Smart+ lighting not only looks good: Integrate it into your presence simulation or your alarm system and protect yourself effectively against burglary and fire damage.

…and more comfort

The right light for every mood. Control the lighting to suit the individual situation – conveniently, easily and, if you wish, from your sofa: via app, switch or voice control.

Enjoy light in any colour and intensity

Use the power of the psychological effect of colours and light intensity: When you work from home, a cool, bright light keeps you awake and focused. In the evening, however, it is best to relax in warm, dimmed light. And for the garden party with friends, colourful lights transform your terrace into a stylish outdoor lounge. With up to 16 million colour options and a dimmability from 0 – 100 %, your interior and exterior lighting leaves nothing to be desired.

Create scenarios and automations

Of course you can also integrate LEDVANCE Smart+ ZigBee lamps into all your smart scenarios and automations. A coloured flashing of your Smart+ lamps as a reminder that your washing machine is finished or that the alarm system is still active? No problem! Lights that automatically, get gradually brighter as the sun sets? A film night scenario that automatically dims your lights? Coloured warning signals when water damage is imminent? All of this is easily possible with LEDVANCE Smart+ ZigBee.

Integrate into services for more security

Your LEDVANCE Smart+ ZigBee lamps can of course also be integrated into the Bosch Smart Home services: As motion lights, they help prevent falls when you have your hands full. As part of the alarm system, flashing red lights deter burglars and draw your neighbour’s attention. As presence simulation controlled by a random algorithm, LEDVANCE Smart+ lamps protect you against uninvited guests when you are not at home. So that your home always remains a safe place.

Control LEDVANCE Smart+ lighting

Turning lights on and off at the wall switch was yesterday. Today, you have the choice to control your LEDVANCE Smart+ ZigBee lamps via your Bosch Smart Home App, via smart controls such as the Universal Switch or the Twist and – in the course of scenarios – also via voice control.
For instance an “Ok Google, start my cozy evening!“ dims all your living room lamps down to a warm, subdued light in one go. That’s how you get all cozy and comfortable.