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Plug Compact

Makes traditional electrical appliances smart

The little all-rounder: intelligent networking of traditional electrical appliances

The Plug Compact integrates traditional electrical appliances into your Bosch Smart Home System in a space-saving manner. Additionally, it expands the wireless signals of all HOME ZigBee devices, thus allowing previously unreached rooms to be connected.

Compact design

Small smart plug, big effect. Thanks to its compact design, the Plug Compact integrates traditional electrical appliances into the Bosch Smart Home System – without blocking other connectors. Ideal for narrow niches.

Save electricity costs

The timer simply switches unused devices on and off. You thus save electricity effectively and easily. Moreover, the integrated energy gauge measures the electricity consumption of the connected devices continuously and precisely.

Extend range

The Plug Compact acts as a wireless signal strengthener for Twinguards, Motion Detectors, Twists, Water Alarms and other Plug Compacts. You thus integrate even previously unreachable rooms into your Smart Home System.

Helps to save energy

he Plug Compact measures the current and total energy consumption of your electrical appliance. It thus contributes to an energy-saving lifestyle. Integrated into automations, your little Smart Home socket triggers certain actions in the event of changes to the electricity consumption of your devices. You thus know when the washing machine is finished or your eBike is charged.

Compact and efficient

Do you want to connect your lamp and your coffee machine to a double socket? Thanks to the compact design compared to other wireless sockets, several Plug Compacts can be used side-by-side without blocking each other.

Increases the range

The Plug Compact allows you to connect previously unreachable rooms on a smart basis. The smart socket has a function to strengthen the wireless signal of your Twinguards, Motion Detectors, Twists, Water Alarms and other Plug Compacts.

Wards off burglars

The Plug Compact enables the automated control of all lamps and electrical appliances, thus complementing your presence simulation – for even more effective protection from burglars.

Switch on and off using voice command

Once integrated, you can control your intelligent socket in various ways: by your fingertip in your app or via speech assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

Plug Compact

44.95GBP * Including 20% VAT
  • Attractive, compact design
  • Continuous energy measurement thanks to the integrated energy gauge
  • Simple operation via app, manual button or voice command
  • Current status display by means of LED light
  • All standard cable connectors usable
  • Compatibility with high-performance devices up to 3,680W
  • Increases the range of your Smart Home Controller for Twinguards, Motion Detectors, Twists, Water Alarms and other Plug Compacts.
  • Connected use only possible in combination with the Bosch Smart Home Controller

The little all-rounder: Makes traditional electrical appliances smart in all situations

Further information

Technical Data

Product Name
Plug Compact BSP-GZ2
Article Number
126 g
Dimensions (LxWxH)
58.5 x 63.7 x 58.5 mm
Dimensions Packaging (LxWxH)
91 x 92 x 103 mm
Supply voltage
230 V~/50 Hz
Current consumption
16 A max.
Protection class
Ambient temperature
–5 °C to +35 °C
Power consumption in stand-by mode
<1 W
Max. switching capacity
3680 W
Maximum humidity
90 % non-condensing
Load type
Ohmic load, cosφ ≥ 0,95
NO contact, 1-pin, μ contact
Relay switching cycles
Operating mode
Withstand impulse voltage
2500 V
Protection class
Operating principle
Typ 1
Degree of contamination
Radio protocol
ZigBee 3.0
Radio frequency
2,4 GHz
Radio range outdoors
<100 m
Maximum transmission power
10 mW
Software class
Class A
Receiver class
Measurement category
CAT II; measurement range: 0–2990 W; tolerance: 3 %; Frequency range 2 Hz to 2 kHz
24 db at a distance of 20 cm
Temperature of ball pressure test
125 °C

Box contents

  • 1 Plug Compact
  • 3 Quick Start Guides


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