AIR mobile feel-good sensor: your benefits

  • Simple- measurements and recommendatios can be checked via the AIR display or more detailed measurements in the Bosch AIR App
  • Stylish- its subtle design earned it the Red Dot Award and IF Award
  • Improved Lifestyle- helps to minimise the risk of mould indoors and helps reduce stress levels
  • 5-in-1- combines hygrometer function, air quality, brightness and noise measurement to provide complete home health analysis
  • Mobile- can be used anywhere thanks to its bluetooth connection

Smart multi-sensor instead of moisture meter

A healthy indoor climate is essential for you to feel comfortable at home. The AIR helps you optimise your indoor climate. The integrated moisture meter can reduce the risk of mould developing in your home significantly. Yet the AIR is much more than just a hygrometer as it registers air pollution and notifies you when changes should be made. Continuously measuring room temperature, brightness and noise to inform you about any inefficiencies that could be improved to give you a better feeling at home, healthier lifestyle and pleasant conditions all the time.

Using the AIR is very simple: Just double-tap the device to start a measurement. Through clear visualization by icons in traffic light colours, the AIR's display informs you quickly about the status of all measured factors. You have access to an extended range of functions via your smartphone and the Bosch AIR app. The AIR can be used anywhere: Since it communicates via Bluetooth, no WiFi connection is required.

AIR: System requirements

With the AIR you can increase your well-being indoors - exactly where you are: in the bedroom or children's room, in the office or in your holiday apartment. The AIR means: More quality of life - always and everywhere.

Your mobile feel-good sensor AIR

The AIR is ready for immediate use and requires no additional power supply thanks to long battery life (approx. 1 year).

Your Smartphone

You can use the Bosch AIR app on any smartphone with Android 5.0 or iPhone model with iOS 10.

How to use your mobile feel-good sensor AIR

The mobile well-being sensor AIR is a smart individual solution for your home, usable with or without smartphone. It is ready for immediate use: After you have inserted the batteries included in the scope of delivery, you can easily trigger the measurement by double-tapping. You don't need AIR right now? Just turn the device upside down. By turning the mobile feel-good sensor over, you deactivate the Bluetooth connection and the automatic visualization of the measurement data via the LEDs and activate the sleep mode.