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Now your coffee maker thinks for itself.

The Bosch Smart Home Plug takes any conventional electrical device or appliance and makes it smarter. Thanks to a programmable timer, the Smart Plug can automatically switch devices on and off. In future, your home will be ahead of you as you start your day- when you enter your kitchen, your coffee maker will already be pre heated and ready to go. Adjust the start time as you like via your Bosch Smart Home App and select different times for those lazy weekend mornings.

Small socket – big impact

Added convenience

Any conventional electrical appliance can be remotely controlled via your Bosch Smart Home App. Check that it's off or turn it on at the tap of a finger- wherever you are.

Extra security

Use your lamps and the integrated timer to make it look like you're at home, even when you are away.

More control

Monitor device energy consumption and cut the power if you need to. The Smart Plug measures the electricity consumption of your appliances and the App allows you to turn off the plug remotely so no stand-by electricity is used.

Smart Plug

54.95GBP * Including 20% VAT
Delivery: 3 - 4 working days with UPS
  • Connects your electrical appliances to the Bosch Smart Home System
  • Displays power consumption continuously
  • Additional manual override function on the plug
  • Compact design to avoid blocking adjacent sockets
  • Opens up a world of different possible applications by connecting different appliances

The wireless remote control outlets from Bosch Smart Home enable your electrical appliances to think, so they switch on and off automatically, with a timer.

Switch on and off using your voice

The Bosch Smart Plug not only makes your electrical appliances smarter, but also makes your life more comfortable. Using Amazon Alexa it is now easier than even to control your Smart Home System. For example, say "Alexa, turn on the TV' and Alexa transmits the information to your Bosch Smart Home Controller to the Smart Plug and turns the TV on. For more ways to use Amazon Alexa to voice automate your Smart Home System, visit our Amazon Alexa partner page or our FAQs.FAQs.

Visit the Amazon Alexa partner site

Smart Plug

Technical Data
Device Name

Smart Home Smart Plug

Part Number





155 g

Total weight

approx. 320 g

Dimensions (W x H x D)

70 x 79 x 39 mm (without power plug)

Packaging dimensions (W x H x D)

92 x 181.5 x 102.75 mm

Country of manufacture



Power plug

Current consumption

max. 16 A

Power consumption (standby)

< 0.3 W

Supply voltage

230 V/50 Hz

Switching Power

max. 3,680 W

Load Type

Ohmic load, cosφ ≥0.95


Normally open, 1-pole, μ-contact

Switching Cycles

40,000 (16 A, ohmic load)

Switching type

Independently mounted switch

Operating Type


Withstand voltage

2.500 V

Protection Class


Method of operation

Type 1

Degree of pollution


Radio frequency

863.3 MHz / 869.525 MHz

Radio range in free-field conditions

> 100 m

Duty cycle

at 868.3 MHz < 1% / h at 869.525 MHz < 10% / h

Transmit power

10 mW

Receiver category

SRD category 2

Protection class


Ambient temperature

-10 °C to +35 °C

Box contents
  • 1 adapter plug
  • 1 installation instructions

Plug in and go wih the internet enabled Smat Plug

All you need to put your plug into operation is the Smart Home Controller, a smartphone and a free port on your router. Plug into the radio-controlled socket and that's it.

Your smartphone

You can easily use the Bosch Smart Home app on any Android 4.1 smartphone/iOS 8 and higher.

Bosch Smart Home Controller

The controller is the centrepiece of your Bosch Smart Home System. It networks all Smart Home devices and your smartphone.

Router with Internet connection

You can use your Bosch Smart Home with any commercially available router that has a free LAN port and Internet connection.

Secure combination with Presence Simulation

When combined with Presence Simulation the Smart Plug gives you added security benefits. Presence Simulation- part of the Bosch Smart Home App- automatically switches connected lamps and devices on and off in your absence to make it look as if you are at home- even when you are away.

Frequently asked questions on the plug

How do I install the Bosch Smart Home Plug?

The Bosch Smart Home Plug can be installed in a few simple steps. To do so, you will only need the Bosch Smart Home App and the accessories included in the packaging. After launching the Bosch Smart Home App, it will guide you through the individual installation steps.
The easiest way is to watch the step-by-step instructions on our installation video or download the installation manual as a PDF file.

I can't integrate my Smart Plug. What can I do?

If you are unable to integrate the Smart Plug, reset the device to the factory settings. Press the system button while inserting the Smart Plug into a socket until the LED flashes orange (at least 4 seconds). Then release the button and hold it down again until the LED on the front lights up in green. You can then repeat the installation process.

More FAQs about this product can be found here

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