Your home: customised protection

No home is like any other. Bosch Smart Home's intelligent and elegant single security solutions enable you to design your home surveillance as individually as your home fittings. Give your home that extra little bit of security, convenience and design – in indoor and outdoor surveillance. The products have been designed so that they can be integrated into the Bosch Smart Home system at a later date if you wish.

Single Security Solutions: your benefits in brief

  • Versatile: several functions united in a single device
  • Uncomplicated: straightforward, quick and intuitive installation
  • Sophisticated: precise information and excellent images
  • Elegant: captivating with peerless, elegant design
  • Future-proof: later use within the Bosch Smart Home system possible

What Single Security Solutions have to offer

360° Indoor Camera

Interior surveillance that respects your privacy

If you wish, the indoor camera will record events everywhere in the room. It automatically turns towards movements and transmits live high-resolution images to your smartphone. Activate privacy mode and the camera retreats into its housing at the touch of a button. More about the 360° Indoor Camera

Eyes Outdoor Camera

High resolution outdoor surveillance with atmospheric lighting

The Eyes Outdoor Camera combines security and comfort: within a range of 10 meters, it supplies full HD colour images at any time of day or night. In addition, it also provides atmospheric lighting around your house. More about the Eyes Outdoor Camera


Full control in the event of a fire. Continuous air quality measurement

The innovative smoke detector from Bosch Smart Home combines protection against fire with the comfort of optimised indoor air quality. More about the Twinguard Starter Set

Single Security Solutions in brief

Discover the innovative Bosch Smart Home Single Solutions – for enhanced security, comfort and design all around your home.

Smart Single Solutions product overview

360° Indoor Camera

Indoor Camera for 360° all-round surveillance, and can be set to privacy mode at the touch of a button.

Eyes Outdoor Camera

Elegant, internet-enabled, full-HD outdoor camera with alarm and lighting function.

Twinguard Starter-Set

Smart smoke detector with integrated air quality measurement, supplied as a set with the necessary gateway: protects against the risk of fire and supports in optimising the indoor air quality.