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Let Bosch Smart Home make your life easier

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Bosch Smart Home products allow you to automatically and remotely control the processes in your home. Each device has a unique purpose in your Smart Home and provides ease and convenience to your changing daily routines. Why do I need this? Because it means you can have more time to enjoy what matters to you. Whether you want to network your heating system or secure the safety of your home, the Bosch Smart Home System offers you complete and personalised solutions to yours and your homes needs. And it is all controlled by one handy app so you can control your home, wherever you are.

Smart System Solutions

Our awards

An independent IT security test provider, AV-TEST, put the Bosch Smart Home System through its paces. Test result: "Secure", "Certified Smart Home Product".

The perfect introduction to your Smart Home

The Bosch Smart Home Starter Kits are the perfect way to start your Smart Home journey. Designed with your comfort, peace of mind and security at their forefront, each Starter Kit is tied together with the heart of your Smart Home System- the Bosch Smart Home Controller.

Smart System Solutions all in the perfect package

The Indoor Climate Starter Pack from Bosch Smart Home allows you to enjoy a feel-good climate at home at all times.

Indoor Climate Starter Kit

Indoor Climate Starter Kit

244.95 GBP * Including 20% VAT

1x Smart Home Controller
1x Smart Home App
2x Radiator thermostat
1x Door/window contact
0x Smoke detector
0x Motion detector

The intelligent, convenient Smart Home heating control from Bosch provides a pleasant climate at home around the clock.

Heating Starter Kit

Heating Starter Kit

264.95 GBP * Including 20% VAT

1x Smart Home Controller
1x Smart Home App
3x Radiator thermostat
0x Door/window contact
0x Smoke detector
0x Motion detector

With the Safety Starter Pack, your home enjoys optimum around-the-clock protection against fire and uninvited guests.

Security Starter Kit

Security Starter Kit

274.95 GBP * Including 20% VAT

1x Smart Home Controller
1x Smart Home App
0x Radiator thermostat
1x Door/window contact
1x Smoke detector
1x Motion detector

Why Bosch Smart Home?


Bosch Smart Home Solutions make your life easier. Thanks to automatic communication between devices, you don't have to lift a finger- but you will always be in control.


Designed with security at the forefront so that you can protect what you hold dear- your home and your family. Our security solutions provide protection among other useful functions- and they look good too.

Energy efficiency

There's no need to waste energy with Bosch Smart Home. Save valuable energy by smartly linking the appliances in your home as well as networking your heating to be in control of your energy bills.

Your home secured- and your data

Your data is important which is why your it is encrypted end to end when it is transferred between your devices and the Controller. And that is where it stays.

Our service for your convenience

Bosch Smart Home: Services


Our products are designed for convenience from the moment you open the box. Set-up is easy through your Bosch Smart Home app.


You can rest assured that if you encounter any problems or have a query- we will be able to help through e-mail or our free customer service hotline.

Working together: Our Smart Home Partners

Find out how Phillips Hue and Amazon Alexa can add even more convenience to your Bosch Smart Home System.