Preventive burglary protection

Life doesn't always revolve around your home. You are often away from home – during the day while you are at work, in the evenings doing sport, and visiting relatives at the weekend. A quiet dark home might attract unwanted attention from intruders. So you want to be sure that your home is well-protected in your absence. Presence simulation, a practical function of the Bosch Smart Home App, offers preventive burglary protection. Once activated, it automatically controls connected devices and lamps: it switches on the light in the hallway and the radio in the bathroom for a while, for instance, so it looks as if you are at home. This reduces the likelihood of your home becoming a target for intruders.

Presence simulation: how it works

If you wish to use presence simulation with your Bosch Smart Home System, you will need the Bosch Smart Home Controller, app, Philips Hue Bridge and connected Philips Hue lamps. You then need to click on "Presence simulation" in the settings of your Bosch Smart Home App. Your Philips Hue devices are automatically recommended for selection – and you can add other devices via a plug if you like. Now set when you want presence simulation to be activated – a 24h preview function provides you with an overview of the planned activation of all selected devices. Another tap of the finger and your burglary protection is activated and ready to go.

Bosch Smart Home App

  • This is the central display and control element for your Bosch Smart Home System
  • It transmits your commands to the Bosch Smart Home Controller
  • Ensures constant access to your Smart Home System – at home and away
  • Supports the creation and management of rooms and devices
  • Compatible with Android 4.1 smartphones/iOS 8 and higher

Presence simulation: your benefits

  • Preventive: wards off intruders thus preventing burglary
  • Simple: preconfigured function in the app. The lamps and devices you wish to be activated need only be
  • Clear overview: a preview function shows the planned activation of the connected devices for the next 24 hours
  • Smart: the control system automatically takes into account the current times of sunrise and sunset
  • Natural: the random control switches lamps and devices on and off for a sufficient amount of time and includes a night-time interval of 6 hours
  • Can be combined: you can add it as an action in a customised scenario

Presence simulation: suitable products

The presence simulation function randomly switches Philips Hue lamps on and off. Other lamps and electrical devices – such as a radio – can be integrated into the presence simulation function via the plug. You can find a current list of compatible products below:

Philips Hue

Products and sets for customised mood lighting

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Smart Plug

Endows electrical devices with networked intelligence

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Combination option: Scenario manager

Preset customised scenarios ease your daily routine. No matter whether you are leaving, coming or relaxing at home – your Smart Home System automatically controls connected devices and adapts them to suit the situation.