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Bosch Smart Home Room thermostat

Room thermostat

Highest heating comfort and easiest operation with the smart room thermostat.

Constant comfortable temperature in the entire room

The Smart Home room thermostat allows you to achieve best temperature regulation throughout the room and is therefore the ideal complement to your radiator thermostats. Control up to six radiators per room simultaneously and centrally with your room thermostat. Instead of measuring directly at the radiator, the smart room thermostat measures the temperature where you place it. In this way, your individual desired temperature is reached exactly where it is most important to you. Particularly in large rooms or with concealed radiators, temperature control with the smart room thermostat is much more efficient. You save energy and gain comfort at the same time.

Icon more comfort in the entire room

More comfort in your entire room

The room thermostat does not measure the temperature on the radiator like other thermostats, but at the point where you place it in the room. Your desired as well as the measured temperature is transmitted to the radiator thermostats. With a simple switch of your thermostat you can easily modify your desired temperature at any time.

Icon Smart System

More functionalities in your Bosch Smart Home System

Combine the room thermostat with other components of the Bosch Smart Home System for even more comfort through automations. For example, you can avoid overheating in summer by automatically closing your shutter when the sun is too strong. Or use the measurement of humidity to start your humidifier automatically via our smart plug.

Icon simple and wireless installation

Simple and
wireless installation

Don't worry, the upgrade for your room climate comes without cable tangling or complicated installation. The smart room thermostat is battery operated and communicates wireless. It can therefore be simply glued or screwed to the wall without any necessary wiring.

room thermostat easy to use

Easy to use

Room temperature control is child's play: a glance at the display shows you the current room temperature. You can change the desired temperature and the operating mode by pressing a button or turning it. In addition, you can use voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant as well as the Bosch Smart Home App. So you can switch on the heating conveniently, easily and at any time - even on the way home. So that it's comfortably warm when you get home.

Room thermostat healthy humidity

Healthy humidity in the room

A healthy room climate is not only characterized by the right temperature, but also by a balanced air humidity. The display on the room thermostat shows you the temperature and the relative humidity in the room. In this way you can ensure a healthy indoor climate at all times by airing out moist rooms.

smart combination with electric radiators

Smart combination with electric radiators

In combination with our smart plug, you can also integrate electric heaters into the Bosch Smart Home System. The room thermostat takes control and automatically switches off the electric heater when the desired temperature is reached or switches it on again in time if the room cools down.

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Room thermostat

64.95GBP * Including 20% VAT
Delivery: 3 - 4 working days with UPS
  • Display of the current and desired room temperature as well as the relative humidity in the room
  • Highest heating comfort and efficiency by measuring the temperature at the room thermostat and not at the radiator
  • Changing the desired room temperature directly on the device
  • Control of up to six radiator thermostats in one room
  • Wireless and battery operated
  • Easy and quick installation on all surfaces by gluing or screwing

Further information

Technical Data

Device Name
Room thermostat
Part Number
77 g (w/o batteries)
Total weight
187 g
Dimensions w/o frame (W x H x D)
55 x 55 x 23,5 mm
Dimensions with frame (W x H x D)
86 x 86 x 25 mm
Packaging dimensions (W x H x D)
52 x 92 x 182 mm
Country of manufacture
2x 1,5V LR03/Micro/AAA
Battery life
1 - 1,5 years
Radio frequency
863,3 MHz / 869,525 MHz
Radio range in free-field conditions
> 100m
Transmit power
10 mW
Receiver category
SRD Category 2
Protection class
Ambient temperature
+0 °C bis +35 °C
Duty Cycle
at 868,3 MHz < 1 % pro h, at 869,525 MHz < 10 % pro h

Box contents

  • 1 Control unit
  • 1 Cover frame
  • 1 Assembly set
  • 1 mounting plate
  • 2 batteries (AAA)
  • 3 operating instructions (German, English, French)
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