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FSC®-Trademark The packaging of Bosch Smart Home products is usually marked with the FSC-Trademark. The packaging of some of the Bosch Smart Home products Universal Switch Flex, Universal Switch and Door/Window Contact distributed after October 2017 incorrectly features the FSC-Trademark. Bosch Smart Home regrets this mistake. For us at Bosch Smart Home, the use of environmentally friendly and resource preserving packaging is important. We have taken measures to ensure that the FSC-Trademark will only be applied on packaging which complies with the requirements defined by the FSC certification system. The FSC-Trademark is awarded by the Forest Stewardship Council®. The FSC-Trademark stands for products which are made of material from sustainably managed forests, recycling material or other monitored sources. The FSC certifies the closed supply chain from the forest to the manufacturer of the product to ensure that only products which comply with the FSC regulations on permitted quantities carry the FSC-Trademark. For more information refer to