A cosy climate everywhere in your home

Imagine your bathroom was heated just the way you like it on a cold winter's day when you get up in the morning – an intelligent heating control makes it possible. You perform the basic settings yourself: via a central controller and intuitively controlled app. Then you relax and focus on more important things, while the radiator thermostat communicates with the door/window contact and automatically adjusts the temperature. If you want to check or change anything, you can do so as you like. The app works at home and away.

Intelligent heating control: overview of your benefits

  • Automation: cosy climate always, in every room
  • Intuitive: simply install and control per app at home and away
  • Efficient: avoids unnecessary energy consumption
  • Trustworthy: protects your data
  • Flexible: suitable for all homes, modularly extendable
  • Future-proof: always up-to-the-minute with automatic software updates
  • Reliable: proven Bosch quality

An intelligent heating control offers:

Central control of thermostat radiators
Bosch Smart Home Controller

Bosch Smart Home Controller

The central control system for your Bosch Smart Home: the Smart Home Controller receives all commands that you tap into your smartphone. They are wirelessly transmitted to the connected thermostats and carried out. So you can control your home as you like via a single controller. More about the Smart Home Controller

Detects open doors and windows
Bosch Smart Home Door/Window Contact

Bosch Smart Home Door/Window Contact

Mount it on windows and doors. It can then detect whether heated rooms are aired or not.The radiators in these rooms are then turned down automatically to avoid needless waste of energy. More about the door/window contact

Create a cosy climate room by room
Bosch Smart Home Radiator Thermostat

Bosch Smart Home Radiator Thermostat

Wireless radiator thermostats turn a simple radiator into a smart one. They set rooms to your preferred temperature, matched to the daily times you have programmed and can be switched off at the press of a button when you are not at home More about the radiator thermostat

Energy saving made easy

Three components for precise room temperature control

Less expensive in a package!

Smart Home Controller

The centrepiece of your Smart Home System. You can centrally regulate and control all integrated appliances via the Smart Home app.

Door/window contact

A vigilant helpmate that immediately notifies open windows or doors to the controller – thus ensuring that aired rooms are not heated unnecessarily.

Radiator thermostat

The thermostat precisely regulates the temperature in every room to half a degree – according to your preferences and ambient conditions.

Bosch Smart Home System: can be combined with partner products

With Bosch Smart Home you are best equipped for the future: our products can be combined and controlled with Philips, Buderus and Junkers products to create the perfect networked home.