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The perfect climate in every room

Imagine waking up on a cold winter morning and stepping into a warm and inviting bathroom- with intelligent heating control, that can be your everyday. Simply set the desired temperature and the time via the app and the Bosch Smart Controller will communicate with your Radiator Thermostats to fulfil your climate wishes. No need to worry about whether you've left the heating on as you can turn it on or off from your Bosch Smart Home App as well as set schedules and timers to fit around your day.

Intelligent heating control: overview of your benefits

  • Energy Saving- saves on your bills whilst providing optimal comfort
  • Secure- purchase with the peace of mind that your data is only available to you
  • No Subscription- no need to pay subscription fees, just connect the Smart Home Contoller and all our products features are readily available
  • Control- simply install and manage the climate through the app, wherever you are
  • Future Proof- automatic software updates ensure you've always got the best version
  • Reliable: proven Bosch quality

An intelligent heating control offers:

Central control of thermostat radiators

Bosch Smart Home Controller

The central control system for your Bosch Smart Home: the Smart Home Controller receives all commands that you tap into your smartphone. They are wirelessly transmitted to the connected thermostats and carried out. So you can control your home as you like via a single controller.

Detects open doors and windows

Bosch Smart Home Door/Window Contact

Mount it on windows and doors. It can then detect whether heated rooms are aired or not.The radiators in these rooms are then turned down automatically to avoid needless waste of energy.

Create a cosy climate room by room

Bosch Smart Home Radiator Thermostat

Wireless radiator thermostats turn a simple radiator into a smart one. They set rooms to your preferred temperature, matched to the daily times you have programmed and can be switched off at the press of a button when you are not at home

Energy saving as easy as 1, 2, 3

Three devices combine for the perfect room climate

Save money and energy with the Starter Kit

Smart Home Controller

The heart of your Smart Home System. The Smart Home Controller does all the work for you and links all your connected devices.

Door/Window Contact

A small helper that has a large impact. The Door/Window Contact immediately notifies you when doors or windows are opened and the controller turns off any unnecessary heating.

Radiator Thermostat

Precise temperature control all the time. The Radiator Thermostat regulates the temperature in every room to your preference., wherever you are.

Working together: Our Smart Home Partners

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