Controller: Compatibility check

Bosch Smart Home controller vs. controller II – what devices are compatible?

Our two controllers

A controller is the heart of every Bosch Smart Home system and connects your smart devices. We have now further developed our controller:

The Bosch Smart Home controller II successor model connects your system via popular wireless standards such as Zigbee and your home network and is also ready for the international smart home standard Matter.

Future-proof with the Smart Home controller II

Because it is ready for Matter, the Bosch Smart Home controller II is absolutely future-proof.
The first-generation Smart Home controller will continue to function reliably and receive regular software updates.

However, Bosch Smart Home fans with earlier models should bear in mind that the controller II is no longer compatible with individual Bosch Smart Home devices for which successor models are available. Anyone switching from a previous controller to the new one in an existing Bosch Smart Home system should check compatibility:

Controller II compatibility

Compatibility check for each individual product

You will find a list of all products with information about controller compatibility here:

Not compatible? We will find a solution!

At the moment, the controller II can only be used with generation II devices as well as the outdoor siren, motion detector, Twinguard, Twist, water alarm and smart plug compact.

Bosch Smart Home controllers with first-generation devices will continue to function reliably and receive regular software updates.

If however you wish to switch to the Bosch Smart Home controller II, a solution which allows you to use all previous devices will soon be available.

We will offer information on the website soon. Until then, feel free to contact Service: