Smart family life

Care for the whole family

Safety in your own home

We feel at our best when we’re at home. We furnish our home the way we like it – and enjoy the greatest possible freedom and independence here. This is where toddlers take their first steps, because they feel safe. Seniors can move around easily and with confidence, because they know their way around. Life within your own four walls should feel as safe and comfortable as possible for everyone. A smart home can help make this a reality.

A safe feeling – every day

Make sure that everyone can move around freely and safely in the house: a motion-activated light at the cellar entrance ensures well-lit steps and prevents trips. You always have an overview of movements in the bedroom or kitchen – especially if parents or grandparents live alone: With the app you can make sure that your loved ones have started their usual daily routine each morning.

Be carefree – wherever you are

Whether in the apartment with your parents or in your own living room: If your relatives agree to it, you can check remotely at any time that everything is okay. The 360° Indoor Camera live stream gives you a crystal clear image on your smartphone, day and night – into every corner of a room thanks to the pivot and zoom function. If you like, you can communicate with your loved ones directly thanks to the integrated speaker and microphone: Wish your mother a nice day or let your teenager know that there’s still some veg gratin in the fridge.

Smoke Alarms: reliable and smart

If smoke suddenly starts to develop in your apartment, your smart Smoke Alarms immediately sound the alarm – at your home and on your smartphone. They forward a signal to all Smoke Alarms and Twinguards in the house so that an alarm sounds everywhere. This means that you can also hear from the cellar when the oil in the steak pan is getting too hot in the kitchen, and you can react to this quickly. The notification in the app also tells you which room the smoke is coming from.

Really easy to use for everyone

“Hey Google, switch the light on.” – with partner products compatible with the voice-activated virtual assistants, you can control many functions of the Bosch Smart Home System really easily with your voice. This isn’t just convenient, it also gives you independence. Even the youngest family members can switch on the radio or the light in the bathroom – even if they’re too small to reach the switch.

With our smart Universal Switches, you can control the four functions most important for you, even without a smartphone. This makes life easier for the elderly within their own four walls.