Smart heating comfort

Smart heating comfort: Never suffer a chilly winter again

Intelligent heating control in the smart home

How can you guarantee the perfect temperature throughout the whole house at all times? Sure, you can go from room to room and adjust the room temperature manually at the thermostat. Or you can leave the adjustments to your smart home. Enjoy the convenience and the possibilities of a smart heating control system and many other advantages.

Easy control from anywhere

Get complete control of the temperature settings of your radiators: directly on the device, like you are used to. It’s even easier to control the heating using the app, conveniently from your home or when you’re on the go. The intuitive app gives you an overview of the current and target temperature in the room, and you can make adjustments or set time programs whenever you like. It’s also convenient to use without a smartphone: Just tell the system what you want it to do – voice commands are enough.

By the way: The installation is child’s play, with no tools required and no chance of leaking water!

A smart solution for all heating types

You can use intelligent control options for your heating system in almost every home. No matter whether you have a boiler with radiators or underfloor heating, whether it’s an old house or newly built: Fit your radiators with intelligent thermostats..

Your benefit: more convenience

Adjust the times at which the temperature should be increased or decreased to suit your daily routine. Need to leave early in the morning? The bathroom is already warm and cosy. This gives you a better, more pleasant start to the day. Pre-heating the bathroom at the right time also improves the room climate. Warm ambient air is better at absorbing water vapour generated when you shower and reduces the risk of mould growth.

Heating on autopilot

Integrate your heating into scenarios and automation programs and let your smart home take over the controls. You then don’t have to think about it at all. In the “Leaving home” scenario, your heating system only supplies the house with heat when it’s necessary. Once you activate the scenario and leave the house, the temperature in your home is automatically decreased. The automation options open to you know no bounds and allow you to heat your home any way you like: an automatic notification reminds you that it’s time to ventilate – your defined time programs remain unaffected.

Smart heating control offering you more added value

Your intelligent heating control system doesn’t just regulate your room temperatures, it also monitors its own status: If the battery status of your Radiator Thermostat is low, you receive a notification. The functionality of your radiator valves is also checked automatically at regular intervals. This means that you can always be sure that your smart home heating is working reliably. The summer breaks including automatic limescale protection and frost protection feature also guarantee the perfect function of your thermostats. A child lock also protects them from curious little fingers.