Sustainable heat

Sustainable heat

Efficient and environmentally friendly heating

As has been known for a while now, up to 70% of energy in households is used to generate heat. This incurs costs and, depending on the heating type, large quantities of carbon dioxide and particulate matter. All the more reason to heat your home consciously and combine your heating with your Smart Home System. According to current studies, this can reduce your energy requirement for heating by up to 30%, depending on your household and usage. This is good not just for the environment; it’s also good for your wallet.

Intelligent and precise heating

Don’t waste any energy. This is easiest if you only heat your rooms when it’s necessary. You no longer have to turn the valves on your radiators by hand to do this. Fitted with smart Radiator Thermostats, you can control each radiator directly at the device, via the app or using programmed timer settings.

Ventilation detection

Ventilating several times a day improves your room climate. Your smart home will ensure that your heating isn’t on at full power when you open the window. A door/window contact reports the open window to the system – then the smart Radiator Thermostat decreases the temperature and the radiator stops heating. Individually configurable time programs also allow you to only heat the rooms you need to, when you need to.