Protection from fire and water damage

Protection from fire and water damage

Detect quickly, react immediately: Prevent fire and water damage

A small leak in a pipe, a small flame, a stove-top left unattended... – small things which can quickly cause a lot of damage: Fire and water damage are the most frequent forms of damage in homes. They destroy treasured possessions, create high costs and sometimes even pose a threat to life. Protect yourself and your home with Bosch Smart Home: Water Alarms, Smoke Alarms and Twinguards reliably detect the danger and alert you acoustically, visually and via the app so that you can take the correct protection and escape measure automatically. It doesn’t matter where you are: you know right away where the danger is and can react immediately. Read this to find out how safe and efficient the smart water and fire protection at home is.

Smoke Alarms: reliable and smart

Smart protection from fire: If smoke suddenly starts to develop in your apartment, your smart Smoke Alarms immediately sound the alarm – at your home and on your smartphone.

They forward a signal to all Smoke Alarms and Twinguards in the house so that an alarm sounds everywhere. This means that you can also hear from the cellar when the oil in the steak pan is getting too hot in the kitchen, and you can react to this quickly.

Thanks to the notification and the live video feed from your camera in the app, you can immediately see which room the smoke is coming from.

Twinguard: Smart home top-class fire protection

Thanks to the professional dual-ray technology from Bosch, the smart Smoke Alarm Twinguard reacts immediately with its two sensitivity levels:

In the case of very slight formation of smoke, it warns you with a lower-volume pre-alarm – both in your home and via the app. This means that you can take measures to prevent things from getting worse, if necessary.

A bonus for a healthy room climate: The Twinguard also continually measures the air quality, room temperature and relative humidity in your home.

Nothing has been forgotten – thanks to the smart app

If the smoke alarm sounds, you have to react quickly and correctly. It’s a good thing that the Bosch Smart Home app initiates all the important steps:

You receive a push notification and can make an emergency call via the alarm screen with just one click. As this is happening, your linked cameras send a live feed to your smartphone. The alarm is forwarded to all Smoke Alarms and Twinguards – the sirens now sound everywhere. Your integrated Philips Hue or LEDVANCE lights light up yellow to alert you of the alarm visually and to illuminate escape routes.

Water Alarms: Protection from water damage

If you only notice a burst water pipe hours after it happened, it’s often already too late: The grim and expensive damage has already been done. It’s a good thing that you can prevent it here:

Our smart home Water Alarm detects leaking water from as low a level as 1.5 mm – and immediately sounds the alarm:

With a loud beeping noise, a blue light signal via your connected Philips Hue or LEDVANCE lights and with an alarm screen on your smartphone.

In case of an alarm, you can see the situation thanks to the live camera feed and can react directly to avoid severe water damage.

Water protection: Smart automations take protective measures directly

Whether you storm into the kitchen yourself during the water damage alarm, alert your neighbours remotely or call the plumber directly using the emergency speed dial on the app, your Smart Home is at your side as your front-line assistant, and immediately helps to prevent further damage with smart automations.

If water damage is detected, devices connected via smart Plugs are switched off automatically. This allows you to prevent the danger caused by water damage to electrical appliances.

Everything in view with the 360° Indoor Camera

As soon as your smart Water or Smoke Alarms have detected danger and triggered the alarm, you can watch what’s going on live via the Indoor Camera.

You can see immediately what has triggered the alarm and can make a better decision about how to react. Here, you can even alert the fire department or emergency services from the app – a tap of the finger is enough.

Ideal: The 360° Indoor Camera can monitor a complete room thanks to its panoramic view, and it can follow movements thanks to the pivoting camera head. It doesn’t matter where the danger is coming from: Your camera always has it in view.