Smart home break-in protection

Smart home: Break-in protection

Opportunity makes a thief

It’s true, the number of break-ins is decreasing, but a home is still broken into every four minutes – these are mostly empty houses. If your house looks empty, it looks particularly inviting for unwanted guests. There are some simple solutions for deterring unwanted visitors: First and foremost, the police recommend an effective presence simulation. It’s also important to close all windows and doors completely and to monitor the outdoor areas.

Not home? No one will know.

Leave the house with an easy mind – whether it’s for a few hours or several weeks: The “presence simulation” service controls your smart lighting and selected electrical appliances such as the radio, television or lamps automatically via the Plug . A random algorithm changes the times these are switched on, as if you were at home. The house looks there is someone there.

Have you thought of everything?

Is the bedroom window really closed? You just have to glance at the app: Here you can see the status of your windows at any time. Be sure when you leave the house that your windows and doors are closed and that you haven’t accidentally left them open or on tilt. This means that you can be certain that your house has no vulnerabilities for intruders.

What happens outside my front door?

With intelligent cameras, you can be sure of what’s going on around your house. The Eyes Outdoor Camera detects movements around your home and automatically activates the integrate lighting. And if an uninvited guest attempts to get into your apartment while you’re gone, you receive a notification immediately and a live video feed on your smartphone. You can then take the necessary steps right away.