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Starter Kit Security Premium Outdoor Camera

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Starter Package Security Premium Outdoor Camera

Effective break-in protection for your smart home

Protect your home successfully from burglars. So that you do not miss anything, even when you are out, we combine sophisticated Bosch technology with intelligent networking. Discover Bosch Smart Home security for your home and benefit from a sophisticated alarm system that includes a surveillance camera – you receive all this in this ready-made starter set.


Do not waste time worrying about which devices you need to make your smart home secure. We have already put a starter set together for you consisting of the most important products for more security.


Always feel secure – networking makes the difference: thanks to the intelligent combination of products, an effective alarm system is created. In emergencies, you are notified reliably by app both if smoke develops and if there is a break-in.


Our Smart Home Starter Sets are just the beginning. Your system can be expanded as you wish at any time – with Bosch Smart Home devices and our numerous partner products. Create your smart home completely according to your wishes and needs.

These Smart Home devices are included in the Starter Package Security Premium Outdoor Camera

Smart Home Controller

Smart Home Controller – connects your Smart Home System

Your controller forms the heart of your Bosch Smart Home System: It connects all your smart devices with each other and connects them to the Bosch Smart Home App. In the app, you control all your devices and settings and create scenarios and automations – all this is easy as pie and at your fingertips.

Door/Window contact

Door/Window contact – raises the alarm when burglars tamper with doors and windows

The Door/Window contact detects open doors and windows and notifies the system of these. If you have activated your alarm system, it thus triggers the alarm if doors or windows are opened unauthorised: the sirens of your Smoke Alarms and Twinguards sound, you receive a push notification via the app and can activate an emergency call directly.

However, if you are at home, you can also use your Door/Window contact to heat more efficiently.

Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm – alerts you in the event of a fire or uninvited guests

If smoke develops, your Smoke Alarm warns you reliably by siren and app.

If you connect it to a Motion Detector or the Door/Window contact, it additionally serves as a siren in the alarm system as soon as a suspicious movement or windows and doors opened unauthorised are detected. Thus, your loud Smoke Alarm scares off burglars and warns you and your neighbours that something is not right.

Motion Detector

Motion Detector – detects movements and activates the light control

Your smart Motion Detector captures each movement and detects people intelligently based on body heat and height. As a component of the alarm system, it notifies of unauthorised movements reliably and triggers a loud alarm by means of the siren of the Smoke Alarms or Twinguards. At the same time, you are notified automatically via the app.

If your alarm system is not currently activated, you can additionally use it to switch on your smart lighting in the event of movement.

Universal Switch Flex

Universal Switch Flex – controls up to 4 devices and scenarios.

With the Universal Switch Flex, you can control up to four functions easily - entirely without a smartphone. Activate the alarm system with the touch of a button, switch the light on or trigger your favourite scenario – you determine what you operate with the Universal Switch Flex.

In the process, you can attach it to the wall or you can carry it with you as a portable remote control – mobile control can be so easy.

Outdoor Camera

Outdoor Camera – surveillance camera and outdoor lighting in one

The perfect combination of a security camera and lighting: in the event of suspicious noises or movements, the Outdoor Camera sends live images directly to your smartphone – and thanks to an integrated motion light, they are in full HD and colour even at night. You thus always have your eye on what is happening around your house.

On the side, you can also use the integrated lamp as a dimmable mood light – security can also be stylish.

Premium Security Starter Kit Outdoor Camera

Did the neighbour's cat just jump onto your terrace or is a burglar skulking nearby? Don't miss anything that happens outside your front door. The smart outdoor camera delivers razor-sharp images to you around the clock. Thanks to the combination of other smart guards in this pack such as the door/window contact and motion detector you are always kept up-to-date with what is going on, letting you or your loved ones take immediate action in an emergency.

Premium Security Starter Kit Outdoor Camera
Premium Security Starter Kit Outdoor Camera
Premium Security Starter Kit Outdoor Camera
Premium Security Starter Kit Outdoor Camera
Premium Security Starter Kit Outdoor Camera
Premium Security Starter Kit Outdoor Camera
Combines burglary protection with fire safety
Easy installation and operation via the app, push button or voice command
Recording of only relevant events in full HD - also at night
Constant access to your Smart Home System - at home and away
Compatible with Amazon Alexa
Can be extended as you like with Bosch Smart Home devices and recommended partner products (Philips Hue)
Suitable for retrofitting in apartments and houses - no matter whether owned or rented
649.95 GBP
* Including 20% VAT

Further information

Technical Data

Premium Security Starter Kit Outdoor Camera

Box contents

  • 1 Bosch Smart Home Controller
  • 1 Bosch Smart Home Smoke Detector
  • 1 Bosch Smart Home Door/Window Contact
  • 1 Bosch Smart Home Motion Detector
  • 1 Bosch Smart Home Eyes Outdoor Camera
  • 1 Bosch Smart Home Universal Switch Flex
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