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Indoor Climate Starter Kit

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Smart Home Indoor Climate Starter Package

Intelligent heating control in a set

With a smart home, you save valuable time and money in the long term. Create your feel-good climate and consume less energy with Bosch Smart Home. The sensibly-composed Indoor Climate Starter Package is the ideal start to your smart home.


The Bosch Smart Home System offers you numerous options. Don’t know where to begin? We do. Therefore, in our starter packages for beginners, we have put together selected devices that complement each other optimally when combined and thus form a perfect start to your smart home.


You can breathe easy, as an optimal indoor climate is ensured. Thanks to the intelligent interaction between the devices of this Smart Home Starter Package, you always enjoy your personal feel-good temperature effortlessly at home, while saving energy at the same time.


Our Smart Home Starter Sets are just the beginning. Your system can be expanded as you wish at any time – with Bosch Smart Home devices and our numerous partner products. Create your smart home completely according to your wishes and needs.

These Smart Home devices are included in the Indoor Climate Starter Package

Smart Home Controller

Smart Home Controller II – connects your Smart Home System

Your controller II forms the heart of your Bosch Smart Home System: It connects all your smart devices with each other and connects them to the Bosch Smart Home App. In the app, you control all your devices and settings and create scenarios and automations – all this is easy as pie and at your fingertips.

Door/Window contact

Door/Window contact II – how to avoid letting heat go out the window

The Door/Window contact detects open doors and windows and notifies the system of these.

In this way, your smart Radiator Thermostats know exactly when you are ventilating and they switch off automatically for this period so that no energy is wasted. When you close the window, the thermostats automatically heat up to your desired temperature again.

You can also integrate your Door/Window contact into your alarm system. It then triggers the alarm if windows/doors are opened unauthorised.

Radiator Thermostat

Radiator Thermostat II – heats individually with optimised energy consumption

Heat when, where and as warm as you like. Control your smart Radiator Thermostats individually or per room, directly on the device, via the app, voice command or fully automated using the time program.

Additionally, the smart thermostats also respond to your Door/Window contacts, so that they switch off automatically during ventilation phases. You thus heat efficiently and always enjoy your personal feel-good temperature.

Indoor Climate Starter Kit

Set for beginners: 1 x Smart Home Controller II, 2 x Radiator Thermostats II, 1 x Door/Window contact II (white)

Indoor Climate Starter Kit
Indoor Climate Starter Kit
Indoor Climate Starter Kit
Allows individual temperature control for each individual room
Combines feel-good climate and saving energy
The detection of open windows prevents energy wastage when heating
Easy installation and operation via app, voice command, time programs, automations and scenarios or directly on the device
All components are automatically, continuously kept up-to-date
299.95 GBP
* Including 20% VAT

Further information

Technical Data

Indoor Climate Starter Kit
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Box contents

  • 1 x Bosch Smart Home Controller II
  • 2 x Radiator Thermostats II
  • 1 x Door/Window contact II (white)
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