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Make your home a Smart Home

The easy way to a smart life

With Bosch Smart Home you can integrate your first Smart Home devices quickly and easily into your home. Three things are important when setting up a Smart Home: the controller, the devices themselves and the Bosch Smart Home app.

Bosch Smart Home Controller – the heart of your system

The Smart Home Controller coordinates all devices within your Bosch Smart Home System and is thus the intelligent heart of your Smart Home.

It receives commands which you issue via the Smart Home app, your "Twist" smart remote control, the Universal Switch or voice command – and forwards these wirelessly to your Smart Home devices.

All you need to install it is a smartphone and a router with an Internet connection.

The Bosch Smart Home devices – your smart helpers

Your Bosch Smart Home offers a wide range of solutions to meet your individual needs. All Smart Home components can be combined and together they open up countless possibilities.

Whether you connect your whole home or start with just a few components and gradually expand your system, with Bosch Smart Home you put together an individual Smart Home solution which meets your individual requirements.

The Bosch Smart Home app – your mobile control centre

Control and manage all your Smart Home devices wherever you are – at home or on the move via remote access. With the Bosch Smart Home app, you have everything in your Smart Home under control.

Installation really is this simple

Cable to the Smart Home Controller

Install the Smart Home Controller

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When you set up your controller, your dream of a Smart Home begins. Installation is quick and easy: insert the network cable into the Bosch Smart Home Controller and a free LAN port on your Wi-Fi router. In the next step, connect the Smart Home Controller to the mains using the power supply. After the controller starts up, pay attention to the LEDs – they show the initialisation status.

If you connect your Bosch controller to the Internet for the first time, it can take a little bit longer: your controller will automatically search for software updates. If updates are required, they will be downloaded and installed automatically. This process can take up to 30 minutes. During this time, you cannot continue setting up the Smart Home Controller.

As soon as all the LEDs light up, your controller is ready for use.

Download app from the app store

Download app

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The next step does not take long: before you start setting up your Smart Home, download the Bosch Smart Home app. You will need this for installation, configuration and operation.

Another important point: in order to set up the controller, the mobile end device (smartphone or tablet) on which the Bosch Smart Home app is installed must be in the Wi-Fi network of the router to connected the controller to.

Smart Home Controller connection

Connect the Smart Home Controller

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As soon as your app is ready to go, it is time to connect the Smart Home Controller as the first device in your system to the Bosch Smart Home app. After that, you can integrate other Bosch Smart Home components and expand your system. Simply launch the app and wait until it has recognized the controller.

The app will then prompt you to scan the QR code on the product. You will find this on the underside of your Smart Home Controller.

From this point onwards, the app will guide you step by step through the installation.

Add devices to the system

Add other devices

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Once the Smart Home Controller has been fully installed, you can add further components to your Bosch Smart Home System in the app.

Important: Always read the user manual for the particular device.

After that, you are ready to enjoy your intelligent home!