Living safely

Smart home safety: a house that looks out for us

Living safely and comfortably

Your smart home can look after your safety at home now. Intelligently networked safety products detect threats before they become dangers. They register the formation of smoke and leaking water, defend you against unwanted guests and ensure that your more dependent family members can move around in the house without concern. You always have control over your smart home. You can set it up and operate it conveniently via the app – at home on the couch or remotely.

Ward off intruders

You can rest easy – your smart home alarm system will stay alert around the clock. The Eyes Outdoor Camera monitors what’s going on around your house. While you’re relaxing on holiday, the random controls for the interior lighting give the impression that there’s always someone at home.

Protecting the house

Your smart home alarm system becomes active immediately when an unwanted visitor approaches. The Eyes Outdoor Camera detects and records any unusual movements. Door/window contacts react to intrusion and trigger visual and audible alarms right away to scare off any intruders. At the same time, you receive a notification about the incident via the app, no matter whether you’re at home or out and about at the time.

Protecting your home against fire and water damage

You can blow out your birthday candles without fear – your intelligent safety solution can tell the difference between candle smoke and dangerous sources of fire.

In the case of dangerous smoke formation or leaking water, your smart home reacts immediately and protects you from further damage: With an audible and visible alarm as well as a push notification on your smartphone, your smart home informs you right away so that you can react directly. Your smart helpers also initiate safety measures, and even escape measures, automatically.

Home is never out of sight

You will always be sure that your household appliances are really switched off and your windows are closed: This is very easy with your Smart Home System. You can view the status of your appliances at any time and from anywhere in the app. With the app, you can even take a quick look into your rooms at home while you’re out. Make sure that your pet isn’t up to mischief and that your teenagers have arrived home from school safely.

Smart family life

A smart home ensures that you feel safe in your house. Motion Detectors activate the lighting, at night or at the top and bottom of staircases. This helps ensure that all family members can move from one room to another without tripping. You can support older relatives who live alone remotely with a smart home solution. This will give your loved ones more independence – and it will give you the good feeling of knowing that all your family members are well cared for.