Smart Motion Detector

Smart Motion Detector

Reliably detects movements

Smart Motion Detector

Multitalent: the reliable Motion Detector for your alarm system and your lighting

Our Motion Detector keeps an eye on the inside of your home. Use it as part of the alarm system when you leave the house. It detects movements reliably and precisely, instantly sounds an alarm and warns you immediately via app if unwanted guests try to gain access to your living spaces. When you are at home, use your smart Motion Detector for automatic lighting control.

Smart motion detection

The Motion Detector's intelligent sensors prevent false alarms: The Bosch Smart Home Motion Detector recognizes human movement based on body heat and size, thus differentiating between humans and pets. As a result, the alarm is only triggered when it is really necessary.

Triggers alarm signal

When you leave the house, you can activate your Motion Detector as part of the alarm system. If an unusual movement is detected while activated, the smart Motion Detector reacts in two ways: It immediately sends you a notification via the app. At the same time, it triggers an alarm signal, for example by the siren of your Smoke Detector.

Automatic light control

When you are at home, simply switch off the alarm function - and use the Motion Detector for automatic lighting control. In combination with your Philips Hue lamps and/or the Smart Plug, the sensores of the indoor Motion Detector automatically switch on the lights you have selected when there is movement.

Smart Motion Detector

Has everything in view in case of an alarm and is hard to trick

Thanks to its 90° front viewing angle and 12-meter range, the Bosch Smart Home Motion Detector also optimally captures large rooms. There is also no danger of uninvited guests crawling under the sensor of your intelligent Motion Detector. This is because the sneak-by guard prevents this trick. The demolition alarm also provides additional security: even if it is torn from the wall by a burglar, the Motion Detector still reacts with an alarm.

Smart sensors avoid false alarms

Smart sensors avoid false alarms

The Bosch Smart Home Motion Detector differs from conventional motion detectors by the combination of different intelligent sensors. This enables it to distinguish between different types of movement more reliably. It recognizes people by their body heat and size using infrared and temperature sensors. Moreover, the smart motion sensores of the Detector intelligently filter out irrelevant movements caused by reflections or wind in trees and curtains, thus avoiding unnecessary false alarms.

Integrated pet immunity for your pet

Integrated pet immunity for your pet

Your pets can still move around the house without any problems despite your smart Motion Sensor Alarm. Simply activate the integrated pet immunity function. This ensures that the Bosch Smart Home Motion Detector also recognizes movements by pets up to approx. 25 kg and ignores them.

Intelligent activation of your lamps

Intelligent activation of your lamps

As part of the Bosch Smart Home system, the Motion Detector automatically switches on the light when movement is detected. By the way, this doesn't only work with your Philips Hue lamps: simply connect all other lamps via the Smart Plug. The Motion Detector also takes daylight into account. By adjusting the light sensitivity, you decide when the lights turn on. With your Philips Hue lamps you can also dim the light. Manage your smart light control easily via the app.

How it works

Burglar alarm

Alarmed in case of emergency - thanks to clever connection of products

The whole family is out of the house, but something is happening in your home: an uninvited guest has just managed to gain access to the living room through your patio door! However, thanks to your connected alarm system, the intruder can't get any further. Your Motion Detector with alarm trigger registers the unusual movements immediately and reacts with audible and visible deterrence: The sirens of the Smoke Detectors sound a loud alarm and your integrated Philips Hue lights flash red. At the same moment you receive a notification via app and the alarm screen on your smartphone is activated. If you have a 360° Indoor Camera, you can see what's going on in your living room. At the same time, you can quickly make an emergency call with just the tap of your finger.

Safe Motion Light at night

Safe Motion Light at night

You have to get out of bed at night. No matter whether you have to go to the toilet, need a glass of water from the kitchen or want to check on the children: Thanks to your smart Motion Light, you'll never again have to look for the light switch while half asleep. Because the smart Motion Detector recognizes what you’re doing and activates the night light in the hallway with your movement, your Philips Hue lamp switches on. Thanks to the preset brightness, however, the light is only dimmed so that you are not unpleasantly dazzled and completely torn out of night mode. So you can safely find your way around the house and back to bed thanks to your Motion Light.

Pet immunity: A Motion Detector that knows when to sound an alarm

Pet immunity: A Motion Detector that knows when to sound an alarm

When you leave your house, nothing moves there anymore – except perhaps your cat, which roams the hall comfortably. Thanks to the activated pet immunity function, the smart Motion Detector can distinguish your kitten's walk at home from a break-in. So you'll only be notified in case of an alarm. In addition, your four-legged friend won't activate any lights and won't waste energy if no one but your pet is at home.

Bosch Smart Home Motion Detector

Has an eye on everything indoors and knows exactly when and how to react.

Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Motion Detector
Intelligent and reliable motion detection
More security for your home through integration into the alarm system (sneak-by guard and demolition alarm)
Automatic light control (via the service „moving light“)
Pet immunity for pets up to 25kg
Simple and quick installation
Minimal maintenance thanks to battery life of up to 5 years
69.95 GBP
* Including 20% VAT

Further information

Technical Data

Device Name
Motion Detector
Part Number
Weight (including battery compartment)
114 g
Dimensions (W x H x D)
60 x 108 x 42 mm
Packaging dimensions (W x H x D)
92 x 181.5 x 102.75 mm
Country of manufacture
3 V lithium battery (123 A)
Battery life
up to 5 years
Radio frequency
2.4 GHz
Radio range in free-field conditions
Transmit power
max. 10 dBm
Protection class
Ambient temperature
0 °C to 50 °C
0% to 93%
Detection range
90° and 12 m
7 x 11
Mounting height
2.20 x 2.70 m

Box contents

  • 1 motion detector
  • 1 lithium-ion long-life battery
  • Fixing materials for screw and adhesive mounting
  • 1 installation instructions
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