Bosch Smart Home dimmer

Bosch Smart Home dimmer

The smart control option for your dimmable lighting – flexible and convenient to use.

Bosch Smart Home dimmer

The smart way to dim your lighting.

With the Bosch Smart Home dimmer, you can easily convert your existing on/off switch into a smart dimmer and use it to control any dimmable lamp.

Simple solution

Upgrade your switch with our smart dimmer and use any number of dimmable lights to enjoy perfect lighting in all situations.

Intelligent dimming

Use scenarios or automations to adapt the lighting to your needs – fully automatically. For example, you can gradually increase the brightness of your lights when you wake up or create a cosy atmosphere at sunset.

Easy operation

Simply tap the switch, issue voice commands or use the app – the choice is yours.

Bosch Smart Home dimmer – Alexa Siri Google

Convenient control of the smart dimmer on demand

“Alexa, dim the living room lights to 50%.”

You can control selected functions of the Bosch Smart Home dimmer conveniently by voice command using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Integration in Apple HomeKit®, Amazon and Google Home allows the smart dimmer to be combined with compatible devices from other manufacturers.

Bosch Smart Home dimmer – Child lock & protection functions

Child lock & protection functions

Use the practical child lock function in the Bosch Smart Home app . This allows you to lock the manual switch of your new Smart Home dimmer.

Additional safety: Continuous monitoring of the device temperature of your smart dimmer ensures that any overheating or overload is recognised immediately. The system shuts off automatically and you are notified directly via the app.

Important notes & useful information regarding the Bosch Smart Home dimmer

Bosch Smart Home dimmer – Installation

Important information & requirements for installation

Important information and requirements for installation

The smart dimmer controls dimmable LEDs ranging from 5 to 120 W as well as halogen and incandescent bulbs from 10 to 200 W.

Please note the following:

  • The dimmer is compatible with virtually all dimmable lights. In the app, you can set the dimming mode (leading-edge or trailing-edge phase control) as well as the dimming range.
  • A depth of at least 50 mm is required for installation in flush-mounted boxes. A box depth of at least 60 mm is recommended for optimum installation.
  • The dimmer requires a constant 230 V power supply with a conductor and neutral conductor.
  • Outdoor use is only possible in a weatherproof installation box (e.g. IP66).
  • The dimmer must only be installed by authorised specialists.

The Bosch Smart Home dimmer cannot be combined with an existing dimmer. A conventional switch is required for manual wall-mounted operation. No switch is required if the dimmer is installed in a junction box.

Bosch Smart Home dimmer – Installation
Bosch Smart Home dimmer – Connection diagram

Connection diagram

Connection diagram

View the connection diagram for installing the dimmer in your smart home.

To connection diagram

Bosch Smart Home dimmer – Connection diagram

Caution: 230 V AC devices must be installed only by authorised specialists. Make sure that you switch off the circuit breaker before commencing work.

Smart Home Wall switch Smart actuators

Accessories for ideal installation

The device does not fit together with your switch in the device box?

Our wall switch is an accessory that enables you to install your Bosch Smart Home actuators in a space-saving manner. The integrated adapter means that the rocker and frame supplied can also be replaced with covers from common switch series.

The extra flat design and integrated mounting aids for the cables and the module facilitate compact installation from an installation depth of 30 mm.

The switch set has two button outputs, allowing it to be used for the light/shutter control II as well as for dimmers or relays with only one output each.

Available from the second half of 2024

Smart Home Wall switch Smart actuators
Bosch Smart Home – Actuators

Other actuators in the Bosch Smart Home system

Other actuators in the Bosch Smart Home system

Are you familiar with our other smart actuators?

  • Smart light/shutter control II makes conventional lighting, shutters, Venetian blinds and sun blinds smart
  • Smart relay is your universal all-rounder for smart switching, e.g. for garage doors, smart irrigation, ventilation systems, pumps, conventional sockets and much more besides

Bosch Smart Home – Actuators

How it works

Bosch Smart Home dimmer – Making existing dimmable lights smart

Making existing dimmable lights smart

The Bosch Smart Home dimmer can be connected to a conventional switch from any switch series manufacturer to enable smart operation.

As well as offering the functionality of a manual dimmer (directly on the switch), it enables control via voice commands or using the Bosch Smart Home app. At the same time, the Smart Home dimmer can also be easily integrated into scenarios and automations.

Bosch Smart Home dimmer – Simultaneous dimming of multiple existing lights

Simultaneous dimming of multiple existing lights

If you have multiple dimmable lamps, the Bosch Smart Home dimmer allows you to control different lights at the same time. With minimal effort and without having to purchase new lamps, you simply replace the conventional dimmer with the smart dimmer to enjoy intelligent control of all lights in the relevant circuit.

Bosch Smart Home – Smart dimming – even for designer lamps

Smart dimming – even for designer lamps

Your home is your sanctuary and reflects your individual personality. The products from manufacturers such as Philipps Hue or Ledvance are not always compatible with your chosen lamps. That is why the Bosch Smart Home dimmer can be used to control all dimmable lights, regardless of their size.

Bosch Smart Home – Smart and dynamic dimming

Smart and dynamic dimming

With suitable automation, you can use a smart dimmer to adapt the brightness of the lighting to the time of day – e.g. to just 10% at night and 60% in the early evening.

In combination with a motion detector, you can also activate the lighting when movement is detected or at a specific level of brightness. You can do this with automations or the “motion light” service in the app.

Bosch Smart Home – Extending the wireless signal range for smart devices

Extending the wireless signal range for smart devices

A practical side-effect of the Bosch Smart Home dimmer is that it boosts the wireless signal of all devices from the current generation in your smart home.

This allows you to control a light smartly and at the same time extend the range of the wireless signal into faraway areas, such as the basement or attic.

The Smart Home dimmer functions as a wireless signal repeater for the following devices:

  • All 2nd-generation Bosch Smart Home devices
  • Twinguard
  • Motion detector
  • Twist
  • Water alarm
  • Outdoor siren
  • Smart plug compact
  • Relay

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