Water Alarm safety package

Water Alarm safety package

Perfect protection against water damage – with a price advantage as a package

Water Alarm safety package

The Bosch Smart Home Water Alarm safety package: Detects any water leakage – even in far-away rooms

Water damage is often underestimated. It is the most common household damage at 60 % – caused in most cases by a burst water pipe. The result: enormous property damage with high repair costs. Luckily, you are perfectly equipped to combat it with the Water Alarm safety package: Your smart Water Alarm immediately reports leaking water. You can therefore prevent serious damage from occurring. Thanks to your Plug Compact, this works even in faraway (basement) rooms. And the best thing: if you buy the products in this smart home package, you benefit from unbeatable savings.

Raises the alarm on site

In the event of leaking water, your smart Water Alarm triggers a double alarm at home: acoustically with beeping and visually with blue flashing Philips Hue lights. Not even a trickle goes unnoticed.

Alerts you while out and about

Your Water Alarm informs you by push notification while you are out and about – even with live camera image. You can therefore remotely see for yourself what is happening at home and can call the emergency services directly through the app.

Gets everywhere

The Plug Compact boosts the wireless signal of your Water Alarm (and other smart devices). The wireless connection therefore reliably reaches into previously unreached rooms such as your basement.

These smart home devices are included in the Water Alarm safety package:

Water Alarm

The Bosch Smart Home Water Alarm reliably protects your home against water damage.

It detects leaking water at an early point and alerts you in 3 ways:

  • Acoustically with beeping
  • Visually with blue flashing of your smart colour lights
  • Out and about via app thanks to push notifications – where you can call the emergency services with a tap of your finger

You thus avoid significant property damage in an emergency.

Compact and slim in design, the Water Alarm even fits into tight corners and discreetly under many washing machines.

Plug Compact

Is your washing machine in the basement and therefore a long way from your Smart Home System? No problem! The Plug Compact boosts and extends the wireless signal from your Water Alarm – and other smart helpers.

You can also use it to “make traditional electrical appliances smart” and integrate them into your Bosch Smart Home System in a space-saving manner.

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Water Alarm safety package

Reliably protects you against water damage. Included in the package: 1x Plug Compact, 2x Water Alarm

Water Alarm safety package
Water Alarm safety package
Water alarm
Water alarm
Plug Compact
Plug Compact
Water Alarm safety package
Water alarm
Plug Compact
Detects and notifies you of water leakage at an early point
Raises the alarm on site and remotely by app
Boosts and extends the wireless signal so that even faraway rooms like your basement can be integrated into the Smart Home System
Allows for integration of conventional electrical appliances into your smart home
Simple to use by smartphone
Minimal maintenance thanks to low energy
129.95 GBP
* Including 20% VAT

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Water Alarm safety package
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  • 2 Water alarm
  • 1 Plug Compact
  • 3 Quick Start Guides
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