Home is never really out of sight

Your home – never out of sight, always on your mind

Your home is never out of sight

Even if you’re not home, you still want to know what’s going on inside your four walls. Are the windows closed and the lights really switched off? What do your pets do while you’re out? Did you move the plants into the light before you left for your holiday? Maybe you would like to greet your children remotely when they come back home from school. Or you would like to tell the package courier where they can leave your package. With Bosch Smart Home, you always have your home in view – at any time, from anywhere.

Alert in case of bad weather

A storm can take hold very suddenly. While you’re out and about while the storm rages, you can quickly check whether everything is watertight at home. If the status display in the Smart Home app indicates that a skylight is open, you can ask a neighbour to quickly close it, for example. Sensitive electrical appliances which are connected with a Plug can be disconnected from power remotely with a tap of your fingertip. To see whether windows are closed or electrical appliances are really switched off even more quickly, you can view the status directly via a widget on your smartphone.

Simply take a quick look

Do you want to see what’s going on at home during the day? The 360° Indoor Camera is fitted with a pivoting lens and a zoom function. This allows you to see into every corner of the room. And if your dog is getting comfortable on the sofa even though he’s not allowed, you can send him directly to his basket via the integrated speaker.

Keeping eyes and ears open

Who’s at the door? The Eyes Outdoor Camera shows you, and, thanks to the integrated microphone and speaker, even lets you have conversation with visitor. This allows you, for example, to ask the package courier to leave your delivery behind the garage directly from your office.