Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm

Twice the protection: in case of fire and burglary

Smoke Alarms

Our smart wireless Smoke Alarm sounds the alarm – in case of fire or uninvited guests

The connected Smoke Alarm from Bosch Smart Home alerts you to the presence of smoke in your home. Additionally, it sounds a loud alarm if other components of the Smart Home System report noticeable events. So the Smoke Alarm protects your home twice over: both from fires and from undesired intruders.

Alarm on site and
via app

Smoke is developing in the living room but you are not at home? The connected Smoke Alarm not only provides an alert by means of the siren on site, but also via the app. Thus, you can respond immediately even when you are out and can activate an emergency call.

Part of the
alarm system

The alarm siren of the smart Smoke Alarm is additionally used when connected Motion Detectors or Door/Window Contacts register unusual movements. Thus, as part of the alarm system, the smart Smoke Alarm also provides protection from undesired guests.

Alarm signal throughout the house

The alarm forwarding provides for even more security. If the Smoke Detector sounds on the top floor, it transmits this alarm to all the connected Bosch Smart Home Smoke Alarms and Twinguards throughout the house. This protects property and life.

Smoke Alarm – simple installation

Easy installation and minimal maintenance

Installing your Smoke Alarm via the app takes only a few minutes. Thanks to a battery lifespan of 10 years, the maintenance workload is also kept to a minimum.

Smoke Alarms – targeted action in an emergency

For fast action in an emergency

Thanks to the link to the Bosch Smart Home App, you see immediately in which room your connected smart Smoke Detector is sounding. This allows you to act in a targeted manner in an emergency.

Smoke Alarm – emergency call with just one click

Emergency call with just one click

In the event of an alarm, a quick response is crucial. Thanks to the emergency call button that appears on the alarm screen, you can request help immediately using the app.

This is how it works

Smoke Alarm in the children’s room

Smoke development in the children’s room

Your daughter wants to light a candle but, in doing so, accidentally lights the curtain as well. Immediately, your Smoke Alarm sends a push notification to your smartphone: smoke alarm in the children’s room! With one click, you call the fire brigade, while the shutters open automatically to free up escape and rescue routes.

Alarm forwarding

Alarm forwarding throughout the house

To be able to alert everyone in the house, all your smart Smoke Alarms are connected. The Smoke Alarm in the children’s room now forwards the signal to all integrated Bosch Smart Home Smoke Alarms and Twinguards. Thus, the alarm can be heard everywhere and the radio-connected Smoke Alarm protects life and property.

Burglar alarm in the case of absence

Burglar alarm in the case of absence

You and your family are relaxing at the beach when your Bosch Smart Home App registers an unusual movement: your patio door was opened. As part of the alarm system, the connected Smoke Alarm immediately sounds loudly. At the same time, the Smart Home cameras are activated so that you can see directly what is happening at your house. A look into the app gives the all-clear: It was just your neighbour, who came to water the flowers. With one click, you switch your alarm system off again and enjoy your holiday with the security that everything is OK at home.

Smoke alarm

The networked smoke detector from Bosch Smart Home protects your home against the risk of fire or intruders, regardless of whether you are at home or away.

Smoke alarm
Smoke alarm
Smoke alarm
Smoke alarm
Smoke alarm
Smoke alarm
Smoke alarm
Smoke alarm
Smoke alarm
Reliable alarm in case of smoke and fire
Also acts as siren to deter unwelcome guests, triggered by motion detector and door/window contact in system
Allows quick response due to additional clear alarm notification sent via Bosch Smart Home App
Easy to install even without tools due to adhesive strip supplied
69.95 GBP
* Including 20% VAT

Further information

Technical Data

Device Name
Smoke alarm
Part Number
Weight (including battery compartment)
165 g
Dimensions (W x H x D)
119 x 119 x 51 mm
Packaging dimensions (W x H x D)
182 x 181.5 x 102.75 mm
Country of manufacture
3 V lithium batteries (not replaceable)
Battery life
> 10 years (typical)
Radio frequency
868.3 MHz / 869.525 MHz
Radio range in free-field conditions
≥ 100 m
Duty cycle
at 868.3 MHz < 1% / h at 869.525 MHz < 10% / h
Receiver category
SRD category 2
Protection class
Ambient temperature
5 °C to 55 °C
93% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature
- 5 °C to +30 °C (55 °C short term, max. 14 days)
Volume at distance of 3 m
> 85 dB(A)
Number of links
max. 40

Box contents

  • 1 smoke alarm
  • 1 long-life battery
  • 1 ceiling plate with fixing materials for screw and adhesive mounting
  • 1 installation instructions
Notes about battery disposal

In conjunction with the sale of batteries or supply of devices that contain batteries, we are obligated to point out the following:

Used batteries should not be disposed of in the household rubbish. Consumers are obligated to take batteries to a suitable collection point provided by retailers or municipalities.

The symbols on the batteries have the following meaning:

The symbol of the garbage can crossed out by an X means that the battery must not be disposed of in household waste.

Pb = Battery contains more than 0.004 percent lead by mass, Cd = Battery contains more than 0.002 percent cadmium by mass, Hg = Battery contains more than 0.0005 percent mercury by mass

Please note the instructions above.

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