Live consciously

Live consciously

How good is your room climate? Keep the overview

Breathe deeply: This is best done outside in the fresh air. Yet we spend 80% of our time indoors. We don’t notice that the air indoors is even more polluted than the air outside. The air quality around us has a considerable impact on our well-being and our ability to concentrate during our day. With intelligent assistants from Bosch Smart Home, you effortlessly gain an overview of the air quality in your home. This allows you to act consciously, heat correctly and ventilate when appropriate. This doesn’t just protect your health, but also the environment.

Healthy living thanks to low-pollutant air

Aside from dust and pollen, ambient air mostly contains gases called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are produced through breathing, sweating, cooking and cleaning. Furniture and chemicals can also release VOCs. If the VOC concentration in your rooms is too high, you often can’t smell it, but it may well be making itself noticeable through headaches, allergies, eye irritations and respiratory conditions. It’s really easy to optimise the quality of the air in your home with smart support.

Your assistant for the perfect room climate

The Twinguard measures the temperature, moisture content and proportion of volatile organic compounds in the air in your home. Based on these measurement values and customisable criteria, it then gives you recommendations on what to do to improve the air quality. This allows you to maintain an ideal and healthy room climate all the time.

Humidity in perfect balance

If the air is too humid, this encourages mould growth and creates an environment in which mites and other parasites can breed and damage your property and your health.

On the other hand, if the air is too dry, this irritates your airways, skin, eyes and mucosa. Avoid unfavourable humidity levels with smart automations:

If the relative humidity increases/decreases by too much, you are informed via a push notification or a signal selected by you – e.g. a light will flash. If the air is too dry, an air humidifier connected via the Plug can be switched on automatically.

This means that you’re always breathing healthy ambient air.

Intelligent temperature adjustment

No matter whether it’s frosty or humid outside: With smart thermostats, you can ensure pleasant temperatures in your rooms at any time of the year. Specify individual time programs and heat only when you’re at home. If you need to, you can adjust existing time programs at any time.

If the sun is shining on the house, the thermostat detects the increase in temperature and the mobile air conditioning devices connected via the Plug can make sure you keep a cool head.

Conscious consumption of resources

Did you know that devices in standby mode can make up around 10-20% of the energy consumption of a family of three? Your smart home can support you in keeping an eye on your energy consumption. You can effortlessly see in the app which device is using how much energy, and put a stop to previously undiscovered power guzzlers. With just a tap of your finger, switch off all devices connected to the Plug when you leave the house or go to bed, for example. Invest in sustainability now. This doesn’t just help the environment; it also does your wallet some good.