Smart living comfort

Smart living comfort: simplifying your routine

More living comfort at your fingertips

Maybe this sounds familiar to you: There’s hardly any time for relaxation in your daily routine. As soon as you get up, you run through the whole house, turning on lights or turning up radiators – just to turn them all off again a minute later when you leave the house. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could set such everyday tasks around the house to autopilot? This is possible with a smart home. When you leave the house, your Smart Home System turns down the heating, switches off lights and electrical appliances and activates the alarm system. All you need to do is tap your finger on the button. You gain valuable time and can start your day without stress.

Smart lighting

The right lighting sets the scene for feeling comfortable at home, especially if the light changes according to our needs: Incorporated into the “Coming home” scenario, you aren’t just greeted by pre-heated rooms in the evening, but also with a comforting, warm light. When cooking, you can ask your voice-operated virtual assistant for a bright working light in the kitchen. And during a cosy movie night, you can dim your living room lights from the comfort of the couch simply by tapping the button in the app. This is how intelligent lighting can easily introduce more living comfort to your home.

Automatic shading

Do you enjoy blinking in the bright sunlight in the morning? Or do you prefer to get going with muted daylight? It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are: Your smart home can control the shutters the way you want it to – or raise and lower them automatically according to when the sun rises and sets. Your shading solution does more than just support you in the mornings and evenings: In summer, your shutters automatically block out the sun if the room temperatures increases above a certain value. And if you’re out while there’s bad weather at home, you can simply shut the shutters remotely.


Door open, light on, alarm system off, heating on. When you come home, you always go through the same motions, and only then can your evening begin. Let your smart home take care of these tasks. Scenarios group everyday tasks together and carry them out independently on command: a tap of the finger in the app on your journey home is enough to trigger the “Coming home” scenario. Your Smart Home deactivates the alarm system, turns up the heating and switches on the hall light. This is a better way to arrive home – and you get to the couch more quickly.


Your washing machine cycle has finished – your Smart Home System immediately sends a push notification to your teenager’s smartphone. Ideally, your kid will then hang up the washing. Of course: Teamwork is always the fastest way to get things done. Pre-set or freely definable automations get intelligent devices working hand in hand. How does this work? Individual devices carry out specific actions based on the if/then principle. You don’t have to worry about anything and don’t need to check when the washing machine cycle will finish. Your smart home reports this to you, or your teenager, at the right time.

Really easy to use

Solutions that are supposed to make your life easier have to be easy to use. You have various possibilities of how to operate devices or trigger scenarios. Control the components of your Smart Home System using your smartphone, via app or via a mobile widget. Both the youngest and the oldest family members can use devices and functions without a smartphone; with the Universal Switch or the Twist remote control. If you have your hands full, you don’t need an additional device: just use a voice command.

Once you’ve set them up, automations run independently.

One product – numerous possibilities

In your rented apartment, the Plug helps you to optimise your energy consumption: If a device is switched off, the Plug stops the power feed to it and prevents it from switching to standby mode. When you move into a house, the Plug receives new tasks – and protects your home from unwanted visits as part of the presence simulation. We are always working on improving and developing our products further, making them capable of adapting to new requirements again and again. In this way, the Bosch Smart Home System also simplifies your everyday routine when it changes.