360° Indoor Camera

360° Indoor Camera

Sees all – and respects your privacy

Indoor Camera

Alert all around

Keep an eye on every corner of a room at any time with the intelligent Indoor Camera from Bosch Smart Home. It provides outstanding 1080p, high-quality images around the clock, whenever you want and only when you want.

360° all-around viewing

Thanks to 360 degree all-around viewing the smart Indoor Camera keeps the entire room under surveillance. The rotating camera head follows movements and the camera notifies you on your smartphone with video clips of any incidents.

Guaranteed privacy

When you want privacy it is guaranteed absolutely. At the tap of a finger on the Indoor Camera or a click on your smartphone app the camera lens retracts fully into the housing.

No follow-up costs

The indoor wifi camera stores 200 clips in a cloud for 30 days free of charge. 25 favourites can be stored for as long as you like with each video able to attach to an email for external sharing.

Have you seen the new version of the 360° indoor camera?

360° indoor camera

Razor-sharp images – even at night

The 360 degree camera supplies razor-sharp full 1080p HD images and videos with a zoom function – even at night thanks to infrared lighting. So you can spot burglars even in complete darkness.

Obeys Alexa

"Alexa, switch on the living room camera" – Control selected functions of your wireless Indoor camera and the Bosch Smart Home System using your voice with Alexa. An overview of other functions and Amazon Alexa devices that are compatible with Bosch Smart Home is available on our Amazon Alexa partner website and in our FAQs.

Transfers live images in case of fire or burglary thanks to intelligent integration into the Bosch Smart Home System

As part of your Bosch Smart Home System the 360° wifi indoor camera acts should suspicious noises and movements occur. In case of burglary or fire it sends live images to your smartphone so you can take fast, effective action.

Unique on the market: the free secure Bosch data package

Store up to 200 clips for 30 days free of charge. 25 favourites can be stored for as long as you like. And the best: Bosch Smart Home is constantly developing new functions that you receive in free app updates.

Indoor surveillance: secure storage of your data

Your data and video recordings are secure and protected from unauthorised access. Live streams and recordings are encrypted for transmission and storage. The cloud server is located in Germany and is therefore subject to the highest security standards and German data protection law.

Easy installation

Install the 360 degree camera in a few minutes. Simply use the Bosch Smart Camera app, which guides you step-by-step through 360° Indoor Camera integration. However, if you wish for further support, simply watch our installation video with step-by-step instructions.

The perfect upgrade for your camera

The perfect upgrade for your camera

For everyone who wants more: Video too short? Memory full? Expand the cloud storage capacity for all your smart cameras!

The optional Cloud+ subscription offers greater flexibility for your video clips:

  • More videos stored: 400 clips per camera
  • Longer storage period in the cloud: 30 days
  • Flexible clip lengths: Either 15, 30, 45 or 60-second clips
  • And this is not just for one camera – it’s for all your cameras

How it works

360° indoor camera push notifications

Always instantly informed thanks to push notifications

Did the children get home safely from school? Thanks to the reliable motion and noise detection with image analysis, you instantly know – even if you are still out and about. Because when relevant events occur in your home, you will be instantly informed by push notification.

Your indoor camera’s 360° all-round view monitors every corner of the room for you. Movements are automatically followed by the rotating camera head and the live images are sent to your smartphone. Meaning: you can be sure that your loved ones are fine at home wherever you are, thanks to your smart indoor monitoring.

360° indoor camera retractable camera head

Sees everything or nothing – you decide when to record

If you want to end the evening relaxed, and completely unobserved, in front of the TV, your indoor camera also has time out. Because your camera only records when you want it to. Plus, your smart 360-degree camera does not just turn off, it completely lowers the camera head into the housing. This works simply by double tapping the camera head or from the comfort of your couch by app. So your privacy is guaranteed!

360° indoor camera verify alarm case

When things get serious: verify an emergency directly

Whether it’s a burglary or smoke alarm, thanks to push notifications you can intervene directly in an emergency even when you’re not at home. If your indoor camera is integrated into your Bosch Smart Home System, it activates automatically in the event of unusual movements or noises and sends you live images from your home.

So you can see exactly what is going on within your four walls.

You can make an emergency call directly when things get serious.

It was just the neighbour who was supposed to come over to water the flowers while you’re away? Lucky! Once you have an overview of the situation, you can easily turn off the alarm again.

360° indoor camera 10 different cameras in the app

Eyes and ears in up to 10 different places

Install up to 10 cameras and manage them collectively in your app. As a result, you don’t only have your home in view but also all the important places, such as elderly relatives’ home, your holiday home or second home, at the same time.

Sharing is caring: one watchful pair of eyes and ears is not enough for you? Thanks to the sharing function, you can also give other family members, friends, relatives or neighbours access to the image from your indoor cameras – for as long as you want, of course.

360° Indoor Camera

The indoor camera from Bosch Smart Home not only looks good and records relevant events in your home, but it also ensures your privacy when you want it.

360° Indoor Camera
360° Indoor Camera
360° Indoor Camera
360° Indoor Camera
360° Indoor Camera
360° Indoor Camera
360° Indoor Camera
360° Indoor Camera
360° Indoor Camera
360° Indoor Camera
360° Indoor Camera
360° Indoor Camera
360° all-around viewing, specifically records relevant events given any movement in the room
Privacy mode can be enabled on the camera or using the app
Video recordings, day and night in full HD quality
Access your Indoor Camera easily on the move via the app
Free storage of 200 clips for 30 days and free app updates
Compatible with Alexa
219.95 GBP
* Including 20% VAT

Further information

Technical Data

Product name
360° Indoor Camera
Article number
450 g
Dimensions (H x W x D)
182 mm x 50 mm (ø)
Dimensions packaging
285 mm x 190 mm x 100 mm
Country of origin
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
Power Supply
5 VDC, adapter included
Current consumption
6 W max
Viewing angle
Vertical angle of view
2-way audio, integrated microphone / speaker
1080 p
Micro SD / SDXC
Wi-fi free field range
80 m
Ambient temperature
0 °C ... 40 °C
The supplied SD card is designed for use with this camera. Please do not remove it as this may result in reduced functionality and can possibly causes expiration of any warranty claims.

Box contents

  • 1 360° Indoor Camera
  • 1 Mains plug (adapter EU, UK, US)
  • 1 Installation guide
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