Smart Home Controller

The Smart Home Controller

The heart of your Smart Home System

Smart Home Controller

The centre of your system connects all devices and couples them with the Bosch Smart Home app

The controller is the connecting element or the brain of your Bosch Smart Home System. It bundles all information locally on one device. Your Smart Home Controller organises the communication between the devices in your system, making it possible to connect your smart home. In addition, it functions not only as a smart home control centre, but also as an interface to the Bosch Smart Home app. Use it to control your devices at the touch of a finger and adjust all settings.

Protects your data through local storage

Your Smart Home data is stored locally on the Smart Home Controller by default. Only if you want to benefit from partner services (for example, for voice command), data is transferred to the cloud partner. However, by adding selectively, you remain in full control.

Keeps up to date

Your Home Automation Controller updates itself at regular intervals with automatic and free software updates. This guarantees maximum security and keeps your smart home up to date. Even after the purchase, your smart home receives new functions and thus becomes smarter and smarter.

Provides openness when desired

Your privacy comes first. This is why all system settings are initially set to private by default. If you want to open your Smart Home, for example to use the voice command or for other partners, this is possible without any problems. The decision is entirely yours.

Are you familiar with the new controller model?

Smart Home controller II
Smart Home Controller – intelligent and automatic interaction

As smart as it gets

The control of individual devices is smart – the intelligent and automatic interaction of several devices is even smarter. The real added value of a smart home is that it thinks for you and makes your everyday life easier by having devices interact automatically. The controller is the brain of your Bosch Smart Home System and forms the basis of this cross-device communication. It enables their interaction in scenarios and automations that control regular processes completely automatically. This is how the topic of interoperability is implemented.

Smart Home Controller –secure with end-to-end encryption

Secure remote access thanks to end-to-end security

Your smart home hub is the interface to your Bosch Smart Home app, which you use to control your smart home. You have the choice whether you want to use your system only at home in your own Wi-Fi or also on the road.

Want to check up on things at home while on vacation? No problem! Simply allow this in the menu “More > System > Remote access”. You can do this without hesitation, because your data security is important to us: Thanks to end-to-end security with modern encryption methods, communication between your controller and the Smart Home app is secure.

Smart Home Controller – local storage

Independent, reliable and fast

Unlike devices from other manufacturers, the Bosch Smart Home Controller does not store your data in a cloud, but locally on the controller itself. By storing all relevant information locally on your Smart Home Controller, your system remains independent and responds quickly to your commands. This guarantees system functionality in the event of an Internet failure: Local execution of functions, scenarios and automations is maintained even without an Internet connection. Your Smart Home System remains reliable and safe – no matter what happens.

Smart Home Controller – interfaces to partner products

Opens doors to other systems and partners

Your Bosch Smart Home Controller connects devices and systems with a wide range of interfaces and wireless protocols across manufacturers. This allows you to integrate partner products and interface partners or use functions such as voice command.

Smart Home Controller – the Bosch quality promise

Technology for life – the Bosch quality promise

Future-oriented innovations have always been a central focus at Bosch. Our know-how in a variety of fields and our demand for reliable quality have been reflected in our products for over 125 years.

The Smart Home Controller, as well as the software used on it and your Bosch Smart Home app, were developed and manufactured by Bosch employees in Germany.

It’s that simple

Smart Home Controller – installation

Connect the Smart Home Controller

Step 1 of 4

When you set up your controller, your dream of a smart home begins. Installation is quick and easy: Insert the network cable into the Bosch Smart Home Controller and a free LAN port on your Wi-Fi router. In the next step, connect the Smart Home Controller to the mains using the power supply. After the controller starts up, pay attention to the LEDs – they show the initialisation status.

If you connect your Bosch controller to the Internet for the first time, it can take a little bit longer: Your controller will automatically search for software updates. If updates are required, they will be downloaded and installed automatically. This process can take up to 30 minutes. During this time, you cannot continue setting up the Smart Home Controller.

As soon as all the LEDs light up in white, your controller is ready for use.

Smart Home Controller – download the app

Download app

Step 2 of 4

The next step does not take long: Before you start setting up your Smart Home, download the Bosch Smart Home app. You will need this for installation, configuration and operation.

Another important point: In order to set up the controller, the mobile end device (smartphone or tablet) on which the Bosch Smart Home app is installed must be in the Wi-Fi network of the router to which you have connected the controller.

Smart Home Controller configuration

Configure Smart Home Controller

Step 3 of 4

As soon as your app is installed, it is time to connect the Smart Home Controller to the Bosch Smart Home app as the first device in your system. After that, you can integrate other Bosch Smart Home components and expand your system. Simply launch the app and wait until it has recognised the controller.

The app will then prompt you to scan the QR code on the product. You will find this on the underside of your Smart Home Controller.

From this point onwards, the app will guide you through the installation step by step.

Smart Home Controller – add more devices

Add more devices

Step 4 of 4

Once the Smart Home Controller has been fully installed, you can add further components to your Bosch Smart Home System in the app.

Important: Always read the instruction manual for the particular device.

After that, you are ready to enjoy your intelligent home!

Smart Home Controller

The Smart Home Controller networks your appliances and makes your daily routine more convenient. Find out more about the Bosch Smart Home System.

Smart Home Controller
Smart Home Controller
Smart Home Controller
Smart Home Controller
Smart Home Controller
Smart Home Controller
The heart of your Bosch Smart Home system
Manages the communication between various devices
Automatic updates keep software up-to-date
Saves all system data locally on the device. This ensures your data security
For technical reasons, the maximum number of devices and usable scenarios and automations in the Smart Home System is limited. For all devices that use the proprietary radio protocol (radio frequency 868 MHz), the maximum number is 100 devices.
99.95 GBP
* Including 20% VAT

Further information

Technical Data

Device Name
Smart Home Controller
Part Number
190 g
Total weight
approx. 620 g
Dimensions (W x H x D)
135 x 120 x 35 mm
Packaging dimensions (W x H x D)
182 x 181,5 x 102,75 mm
Country of manufacture
Power supply, USB, LAN (Ethernet, RJ45)
Current consumption
typical: 400 mA; max.: 1.2 A
Radio frequency
868.3 MHz/869.525 MHz/2.4 GHz
Radio range in free-field conditions
> 100 m
Duty Cycle
at 868.3 MHz < 1% / h at 869.525 MHz < 10% / h
Transmit power
max. 10 mW
Receiver category
SRD category 2
Protection class
Ambient temperature
5 °C to 40 °C
15% to 85%

Box contents

  • 1 Bosch Smart Home Controller
  • 1 power supply unit
  • 1 network cable (RJ45)
  • 1 wall bracket with fixings
  • 1 installation instructions
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