Door/Window Contact

Door/Window Contact

The indispensable all-rounder in the Bosch Smart Home System

Door/Window Contact

Reliably detects open doors and windows

The Door/Window Contact detects open windows and doors and immediately alarms the Bosch Smart Home System in case of a break-in. It also reports open windows to networked radiator thermostats so that they do not continue to heat unnecessarily while you ventilate. In this way, the intelligent door/window sensor ensures greater security and energy efficiency in your home.

Supports burglary

The status display of your doors and windows lets you see at a glance whether they are still open. This means that there are no favourable opportunities for burglars.

Raises the alarm
for burglars

You leave your home and turn on your alarm system. If uninvited guests open doors or windows in your absence, the Door/Window Contact triggers the alarm system.

Prevents unnecessary
energy loss

If the door/window sensor detects an open window, the valves on the radiator close. If you close the window again, the radiator heats up again to the set temperature.

Preventive protection against burglary

Preventive protection against burglary

When leaving the house, open windows are often forgotten. Most burglars use this weak point to gain unwanted access to other people's property. Fortunately, the status display of your Door/Window Contacts shows you immediately which doors and windows are still open. This is no easy target for burglars.

Sound the alarm in case of burglary

Sound the alarm in case of burglary

If you activate your alarm system, the smart door/window sensor takes over another function for more security. If doors and windows are now opened because uninvited guests tamper with them, it immediately sounds the alarm: firstly in audible and visible form via the siren of the smoke detector and the flashing of your smart lamps. On the other hand via push message directly to your smartphone. In this way, you can immediately see what's going on in the live stream of your smart cameras and call the police immediately.

Energy efficient heating

Energy efficient heating

This is how you do not heat out of the window: If the door and window alarm detects an open window, it reduces the heat output of the smart Radiator Thermostat for this room. This works not only for conventional radiators, but also for electric heaters connected via adapter plugs. Clever: To prevent the heating from stopping immediately if you let your cat out for only a short time, you can set a freely selectable reaction time for the process.

Easy to mount

Easy to mount

The Bosch Smart Home Door/Window Contacts do not require complex installation. You can attach them quickly and easily to the window or door frame using the included screws and adhesives.

How it works

Door/Window Contact - Smart Home System

"Did I really close the window?"

Who does not know it: You leave the house and a short time later you ask yourself if you have closed all windows and drive back annoyed for safety reasons. That does not have to be! Your smart door and window alarm saves you the extra trip and tormenting uncertainty. A glance at the app or the widget in your home screen is enough to check the status of your windows and doors. Like this you can leave the house relaxed.

Door/Window Contact - Notice uninvited guests immediately

Notice uninvited guests immediately

With just one tap you can activate your alarm system when you leave the house. Should an unknown person tamper with your doors or windows and open them in your absence, you will immediately receive a push message on your smartphone. The camera's live mode allows you to look directly into your home and make an emergency call via the app in an emergency.

Door/Window Contact - Save energy conveniently and reliably

Save energy conveniently and reliably

Would you like some fresh air? If you air out after cooking or drying your clothes, you won't have to think about turning down your heating in future - the Door/Window Contact on your kitchen window will think for you: The open window is communicated to the radiator thermostat via your Bosch Smart Home Controller. This regulates the heating temperature down to a value set by you. So you automatically optimize your heating costs with energy-saving ventilation!

Door/Window Contact

The Door/Window Contact with the triple benefit: it reminds you of open windows or doors, alarms you in case of burglary and reports open windows to networked radiator thermostats so that they do not continue to heat senselessly while you are airing out.

Door/Window Contact
Door/Window Contact
Door/Window Contact
Door/Window Contact
Door/Window Contact
Door/Window Contact
Door/Window Contact
Door/Window Contact
Door/Window Contact
Door/Window Contact
Door/Window Contact
Door/Window Contact
Reliably detects open doors and windows and informs you via smartphone
Raises the alarm as part of the alarm system in case of burglary
Notifies the networked radiator thermostats when windows are open so that the heating is switched off and no energy is wasted
Versatile: As part of the alarm system, for burglary prevention, for energy-efficient heating or as part of your individual automation system
Quick and easy to install
34.95 GBP
* Including 20% VAT

Further information

Technical Data

Device Name
Bosch Smart Home Door/Window Contact
Part Number
Reed contact (withoutbatteries): 21 g, Magnet unit: 16 g, Spacer: 2.2 g
Total weight
approx. 170 g
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Reed contact: 17 x 104 x 25 mm, Magnet unit: 12 x 49 x 12 mm, Spacer: 12 x 48 x 6 mm
Packaging dimensions (W x H x D)
92 x 181.5 x 52.75 mm
Country of manufacture
2× LR03/Micro/AAA
Battery life
≥ 2 years
Current consumption
max. 50 mA
Radio frequency
868.3 MHz / 869.525 MHz
Radio range in free-field conditions
> 100 m
Duty Cycle
at 868.3 MHz < 1% / h at 869.525 MHz < 10% / h
Transmit power
max. 10 mW
Receiver category
SRD category 2
Protection class
Ambient temperature
5 °C to 50 °C
5% to 80%

Box contents

  • 1 window contact incl. electronics and magnet contact
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • 1 spacer
  • Fixing materials for screw and adhesive mounting
  • 1 installation instructions
Notes about battery disposal

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Used batteries should not be disposed of in the household rubbish. Consumers are obligated to take batteries to a suitable collection point provided by retailers or municipalities. You can return used batteries of models that we stock or have stocked in our product line to our shipping warehouse (Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, Spare parts logistics, Justus-Kilian-Strasse 1, D-35457 Lollar) at no charge.

The symbols on the batteries have the following meaning:

The symbol of the garbage can crossed out by an X means that the battery must not be disposed of in household waste.

Pb = Battery contains more than 0.004 percent lead by mass<br> Cd = Battery contains more than 0.002 percent cadmium by mass<br> Hg = Battery contains more than 0.0005 percent mercury by mass

Please note the instructions above.

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