More security thanks to the smart home alarm system

More security: Smart home alarm system

More security for your home

Did you know that half of all burglars enter the house via patio doors? Followed by front doors and windows. The thought that an intruder could make you feel unsafe inside your own four walls is a big concern of many people. Chasing away intruders, monitoring for unwanted entries: Your smart home can take care of this. The alarm system is a service that cleverly links our products with one another and that you can activate in the app. Your home is protected and you have complete control from anywhere.

Watching for every movement

Activate the “Alarm system” service when no one is at home. The intelligent Motion Detectors from Bosch Smart Home now reliably and precisely detects every movement. It can distinguish between people and pets by their size and body heat, and therefore only triggers the alarm when necessary. The door/window contacts react immediately as soon as a door or a window is opened spontaneously: These also trigger the alarm.

Clever alarm in case of emergency

The networking of devices creates a doubly effective alarm system: As soon as the Motion Detectors or door/window contacts register an intrusion, your Smart Home System reacts with an audible and visible alarm. The sirens of all Smoke Alarms blare loudly, integrated Philips Hue or LEDVANCE lights flash red. In the same moment, the alarm system notifies you of the break-in attempt via the app so that you can take the appropriate measures right away.

Checking everything is in order

As soon as you activate the alarm system, your smart cameras also become alert. The 360° Indoor Camera monitors a complete room thanks to its panoramic view, it follows movements completely automatically thanks to the pivoting camera head, and sends live images to your smartphone. In the event of an alarm, it is activated right away and you can immediately see what’s going on at home. You can even establish contact with the intruder via the integrated speaker and microphone.