Soft and melow or bright and colourful?
the choice is yours

Do you want to have a low light, relaxed movie night? Or maybe you want your room to brighten up the bleak weather outside? No matter what mood you are in- there is a light to match. Designing your ultimate lighting system couldn't be easier with a Bosch Smart Home System. Once installed, control your lighting in whatever way you want, make as many changes as you like at the push of a button on the Bosch Smart Home App.

Personalised light solutions: your benefits

  • Networked- scenarios and moods can be combined with Philips Hue and Bosch Smart Home
  • Personalised- once set up, you can create whatever you want
  • Flexible- can be set and extended as you like
  • Efficient- prevents unnecessary energy consumption
Personalised lighting according to your mood

Smart lighting: products and solutions

Benefit from our System Solutions!

Scenario Manager

The Bosch Smart Home App allows you to create pre-set scenarios to ensure security and energy efficiency when you are home and away.

Smart Plug

Use our Smart Plug to transform a conventional lamp into a remotely controlled, system-ready light which can be monitored and turned off and on via your Bosch Smart Home App.

Philips Hue light solutions

Create lighting to match any mood using Phillips Hue and Bosch Smart Home. Double up as a security system and combine your lamps with your alarm system so that they light up in case of intrusion.

Home even when you're not: Presence Simulator

Partner your lighting solutions into a Presence Simulation to automatically control lighting -makeing it look as if you are home, even though you're not.