Softly lit, brightly illuminated:
the choice is yours

How do you feel most comfortable? Would you bathe your living room in traditional white light? Or do you prefer individual light accents in warm shades? No matter whether you wish to create a relaxed atmosphere for reading or dimmed security night-time lighting in the hallway: designing the right lighting system couldn't be easier with Bosch Smart Home. Once installed, the lighting in your home is regulated automatically. And of course, you can make changes as you like – very easily, at the push of a button.

Personalised light solutions: your benefits

  • Automation: ease daily routines
  • Networked: connected in scenarios with climate and security products
  • Flexible: can be set and extended as you like
  • Efficient: prevents unnecessary energy consumption
Unique lighting moods

Smart lighting: products and solutions

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Scenario manager

A software feature of the Smart Home App allows you to use pre-set scenarios for the automatic control of security, climate and lighting products.


Use a plug to effortlessly turn any conventional lamp into a remote-control, system-ready light with timer and electricity metering function.

Philips Hue light solutions

Create unique lighting moods in combination with Philips Hue products – centrally controlled via your Bosch Smart Home System. Or combine your lamps with your alarm system so that they also light up in case of intrusion.

Uses lighting to good effect: presence simulation

Our lighting solutions not only create a pleasant atmosphere; they also improve security. Discover presence simulation, a function of the Bosch Smart Home App. During your absence it uses automatic lighting control to make it look as if you are at home.