Smart Home: security for your home

You cherish your family and home above all else. So it is important to know that they are always well-protected – even if you are often absent from home. Our security system solutions are customised to your needs, they can be extended and also remotely controlled and operated. Incidentally, not only your loved ones are protected, but also your data. Thanks to local storage and encrypted command and alarm transmission, information cannot fall into the wrong hands.

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Smart security solutions: overview of your benefits

  • Simple: fast access to automatic home surveillance
  • Flexible: suitable for all homes, modularly extendable
  • Multifunctional: offers monitoring, warning and deterrence
  • Trustworthy: data are stored locally
  • Reliable: intelligent sensors distinguish between harmless and threatening incidents
  • Durable: minimum maintenance thanks to low energy consumption

Practical enhancement: presence simulation

Enhancing your security system: presence simulation, a function of the Bosch Smart Home App. It controls connected lamps and devices according to a natural rhythm to make it look as if you are at home and thus ward off intruders.

What smart home surveillance offers

Bosch Smart Home Controller
Bosch Smart Home Controller

Central control of your security system

The nerve centre: the Smart Home Controller connects and controls integrated devices and saves collected data locally. You can check and change all settings via your smartphone – while at home or away. More about the Smart Home Controller

Bosch Smart Home Motion Detector
Bosch Smart Home Motion Detector

Detects and notifies untoward movement

Thanks to passive infra-red technology, temperature sensors and an intelligent algorithm, the motion detector distinguishes between everyday and untoward movements – and only sounds the alarm when necessary. More about the motion detector

Bosch Smart Home Smoke Detector
Bosch Smart Home Smoke Detector

Detects fire risk and activates the alarm

The smoke detector identifies smoke development and notifies risk of fire. It can also be used as an alarm siren if the motion detector or door/window contact identifies intruders and passes on this information to the system. More about the smoke detector

Bosch Smart Home Door/Window Contact
Bosch Smart Home Tür-/Fensterkontakt

Detects and notifies unauthorised entry

As part of the alarm system the door/window contact detects when windows or doors and opened by intruders. Unauthorised entry triggers a notification per app and sets off the siren on the smoke detector. More about the door/window contact

Smart combination: products for a secure home

Motion detector

The intelligent motion detector reacts reliably and precisely in case of movement. Small animal recognition with algorithm for movement detection avoids false alarms.

Smoke detector

An alarm that reveals its strengths as part of a system: firstly, it detects and notifies smoke development and secondly, it sounds the alarm loudly when other system devices notify unauthorised access.

Door/Window contact

Small, discreet – and extremely observant: The door/window contact notifies the Smart Home System when doors or windows are opened by intruders.

Security Starter Kit

The starter pack for enhanced home security: consists of the Smart Home Controller, a motion detector, smoke detector and door/window contact.

360° Indoor Camera

If you wish, the indoor camera will record events everywhere in the room. And when you want your privacy, the camera lens retracts into housing.

Eyes Outdoor Camera

The Eyes Outdoor Camera ensures enhanced security and convenience in the area outside your home. It provides full HD colour images around the clock, while at the same time creating atmospheric outdoor lighting.

For even more security: motion light

The motion detector now ensures enhanced security and convenience: use the "motion light" function to connect it to all lamps integrated into the system. For instance, if a child leaves the bedroom at night the light will go on in the corridor, this helps to ensure safety.