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Eyes – the intelligent outdoor camera with ambient lighting

Wherever you are, the Eyes outdoor camera keeps you posted on what is happening around your home. The smart, high-resolution camera can be easily installed in place of an exterior light. No special connections are required. Once installed, it keeps an eye on the surroundings and provides you with high quality videos through the Bosch Smart Camera app. The camera's intelligent sensors ensure that it does not react to movements of trees or pets. It only records events that are actually significant. Additionally, you can use it as an intercom. It also looks great as an exterior light thanks to its high-end design.

Safety and design: Right outside your front door

  • Smart: Connected to your smartphone by the Bosch Smart Camera app
  • Intelligent: Only records relevant events thanks to integrated motion sensors
  • High-resolution: Provides Full HD colour images within a range of 10 metres, 24/7
  • Connected: Integrate in scenarios via the Bosch Smart Home App to enhance your security system, available early 2018
  • Versatile: Serves simultaneously as intercom and exterior light
  • Decorative: Enhances the look of the house wall with its high-end design and integrated sensors
  • Straightforward: Can be installed in place of any existing lamp

Eyes-Outdoor Camera

319.95 GBP * Including 20% VAT

Delivery: 3 - 4 working days with UPS
  • Only records relevant events
  • Controlled locally or remotely by app
  • Combines outdoor surveillance and lighting with an intercom
  • Easy, intuitive installation
  • Full HD images - even at night
  • Friend/neighbour access helps to protect your home when you are on holiday

The outdoor camera from Bosch Smart Home protects your home while simultaneously providing an atmospheric exterior light.

Bosch Smart Camera app

  • Serves as central control element for all integrated indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Helps when installing your cameras
  • Enables networking of up to ten cameras
  • Offers access at any time to a live stream from the cameras (audio and video)
  • Lists recorded events in an easy-to-view format
  • Compatible with smartphones with Android 4.4 or iOS 9 or higher

Eyes-Outdoor Camera

Technical Data
Product name

Eyes-Outdoor Camera

Article number





750 g

Dimensions (H x W x D):

70 x 210 x 100 mm

Dimensions packaging (H x W x D)

182 x 271,5 x 102,75 mm

Country of origin



Wifi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz

Supply voltage

220 - 240 V AC 50 Hz

Power supply

4 W (+9 W lighting)

Horizontal visibility


Illumination distance

10 m


Microphone / speaker


1080 p


4 GB integrated memory

Other criteria


Wi-fi free field range

80 m

Ambient temperature

-20 °C ... +50 °C

Box contents
  • 1 Eyes-Outdoor Camera
  • 1 Wall holders with mounting materials
  • 1 Installation guide

Look who's outside

Control selected functions of your Bosch Smart Home cameras and the Bosch Smart Home System on call. Just say "Alexa, show Outdoor Camera" into your Amazon Fire TV remote control or to the Echo Show, for example. The camera streams the image from the camera to your screen device. Tell the camera to turn the Eyes' Outdoor light on or off by saying "Alexa, switch the Outside Camera on/off". For an overview of additional features and Amazon Alexa devices compatible with the Bosch Smart Home, please visit our Amazon Alexa partner page or our FAQs
To the Amazon Alexa partner site

Eyes outdoor camera: award-winning design

The stylish design of the Eyes Outdoor Camera also impressed the jury of the Red Dot Award: the smart outdoor surveillance camera is among the winners of one of the most prestigious product design awards.


How do I install the Bosch Smart Home Eyes Outdoor Camera?

You can install the Bosch Smart Home Eyes Outdoor Camera in just a few easy steps. All you need is the free Bosch Smart Camera app, your camera, the accessories supplied with it, a drill and a screwdriver. The easiest way to install the camera is to watch the step-by-step instructions in our installation video or alternatively download the user manual

My Eyes Outdoor Camera flashes red and green after the QR code has been scanned. What does that mean?

The camera was unable to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Please check whether your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the one you want to connect your camera to. Make sure that your smartphone is connected to your router over a 2.4 GHz connection. Check whether the Wi-Fi password you entered has been saved correctly. Then restart the camera and/or (if necessary) reconnect to it via your app.

Which app do I need in order to use the Bosch Smart Home Eyes Outdoor Camera?

You need the Bosch Smart Camera app in order to set up and control your Bosch Smart Home camera. You can download the Bosch Smart Camera app free of charge from the Google Play Store (for Android smartphones) or the Apple App Store (for iPhones).

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