How can Bosch Smart Home make life easier?
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Bosch Smart Home products allow you, to automatically control regular processes within your home. Networked devices communicate with one another to automatically adjust to changing circumstances and your daily routine. Your benefit: you no longer have to worry about the details and have more time to enjoy life. For instance, intelligent heating control saves you energy costs and creates a cosy climate. Also, the automated house surveillance works to protect your home around the clock, this can all be controlled via your Bosch Smart Home app, even when you are not at home.

Smart System Solutions

Our awards

Bosch Smart Home received the highest rating in 6 categories and is regarded the Smart Home provider with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Bosch Smart Home starter packs

The smart nerve centre is even smarter in a package: Buy the Bosch Smart Home Controller in one of the three starter packs and use a host of practical functions right away.

Smart holistic solutions in a package

Start very easily with the indoor climate starter pack and then simply add products as required.

Indoor Climate Starter Pack

319,95 GBP Including 20% VAT

1x Smart Home Controller
1x Smart Home App
2x Radiator thermostat
1x Door/window contact
0x Smoke detector
0x Motion detector

Individual room control for smart energy saving: use the heating starter pack to heat rooms individually as you like.

Heating Starter Pack

379,95 GBP Including 20% VAT

1x Smart Home Controller
1x Smart Home App
3x Radiator thermostat
0x Door/window contact
0x Smoke detector
0x Motion detector

Set course for a safe future with the Bosch Smart Home Security starter pack: you are best equipped for every risk case, from attempted burglary to fire or smoke – with the security starter pack.

Security Starter Pack

349,95 GBP Including 20% VAT

1x Smart Home Controller
1x Smart Home App
0x Radiator thermostat
1x Door/window contact
1x Smoke detector
1x Motion detector

Why Bosch Smart Home?


Our solutions make home life easier and more enriching. Thanks to automated daily activities, you don't have to lift a finger – yet still retain complete control over all functions.


Protect what you hold dear: your home and people you love. Our security solutions provide protection and useful additional functions – and they look good.

Energy efficiency

Beat energy waste with Bosch Smart Home. Save valuable energy on heating, indoor climate and lighting – by smartly linking the appliances in your home.

Enhanced security – also for your data

We look after the data required to control your Smart Home devices. Private data is stored locally on the Smart Home Controller in your home.

Our service for your convenience

Bosch Smart Home: Services


Our concern for your convenience begins even as you install your Smart Home products: Set-up and connection are very easy. Support is provided by our clear instructions.


We will be happy to assist you with queries about our products and offers – either per e-mail or via our toll-free hotline.

Perfect combination: system-ready partner products

Enjoy additional functions and ever new product worlds. You can easily integrate suitable partner products into your system via the Smart Home Controller.