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Control your smart home directly from your Mercedes via MBUX voice assistant

„Hey Mercedes“

Simply control your Bosch Smart Home via the MBUX using natural speech from your vehicle – no smartphone required

More actions,
more comfort

Create more living comfort on the way home already: Thanks to your MBUX voice wizard, your smart home executes your voice commands even remotely – and is perfectly ready for you when you arrive.

More answers,
more security

Enjoy a safe feeling even while on the road: With MBUX you can easily check the status of your smart home while driving. Are the windows closed? Were any suspicious movements detected at home? Mercedes will tell you.

...while always safe
on the road

Because multitasking shouldn’t keep you from arriving at home safely: The MBUX voice assistant saves you the glance at or reach for your smartphone – just say “Hey Mercedes...”. This way, your hands remain on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.

Drive safely and control your smart home at the same time

Safety at the wheel comes first! That’s why the smart home control system in your car allows you to keep your eyes on the road and traffic at all times:

The status inquiry and control of your smart home works simply and contactless –with the MBUX voice assistant.

A simple “Hey Mercedes...” is enough to get the desired status update directly in your car or to let your smart helpers at home execute specific commands.

Is my Mercedes already MBUX capable?

With the launch of the new MBUX infotainment system, you can now also use its voice assistant to control your Bosch Smart Home.

The control of Smart Home devices is available in all Mercedes-Benz passenger car models with MBUX voice assistant starting from 03/2018!*

*For the use of the Mercedes me Connect service "MBUX Voice Assistant", an active Mercedes me connect user account is required. In addition, the respective vehicle must be linked to the user account and the "MBUX Voice Assistant" service must be activated.

Simple and convenient integration via apps

To intuitively connect your Bosch Smart Home to your Mercedes, first log in to your Bosch Smart Home app.

In the Bosch Smart Home app:

Under the menu item “More” >> “Partners” you only have to “mirror” your Smart Home System “into your Bosch Smart Home Cloud” to grant the MBUX mobile access.

In your Mercedes:

Just say “Hey Mercedes, connect my Bosch Smart Home account,” and you will be guided through all the steps.

Here’s how it works


More actions, more comfort: Make your smart home ready for your arrival in the car

“Hey Mercedes, turn on the lights in the garage!”

Prepare your smart home for your arrival on the journey home. Be it after a long day at the office or after a shopping trip – thanks to MBUX in your Mercedes, your smart home follows your instructions to the letter even from a distance. That is why in the future, you will only have to say:

“Hey Mercedes, set the radiator in the living room to 23 degrees!”

“Hey Mercedes, please lower the blinds in the bedroom all the way down!”

...and when you come home, you are welcomed with the perfect feel-good atmosphere.


More answers, more security: Make sure everything is okay at home from the car

“Hey Mercedes, is anybody home right now?”

“Hey Mercedes, are all the windows at home closed?”

“Hey Mercedes, are all the lights out at home?”

We’re often in a hurry in the morning. And as soon as we leave the house, we often ask ourselves: Have I really thought of everything?

Have the children already left home?

No problem! Just ask Mercedes, she always knows what to do and will give you a friendly answer directly via MBUX while you’re driving.


How your MBUX language wizard answers:

You would like to know how your friendly MBUX language assistant answers you? Here’s a little sample:

“Hey Mercedes, is everything okay at home?”

MBUX: “I’ve had a look. The last movement detected in your smart home was in the dining room 30 minutes ago and the lights are on in three rooms.”

“Hey Mercedes, did I close all the windows at home?”

MBUX: “Let me have a look. There’s a contact sensor open in the living room.”

“Hey Mercedes, set the radiator in the bathroom to 23 degrees!”

MBUX: “All right. I’m turning the bathroom heat up to 23 degrees Celsius.”

“Hey Mercedes, turn on the lights in the garage!”

MBUX: “Okay, I’ll turn on the lights in the garage.”

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