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Control your smart home by voice command – with Amazon Alexa

We've all been there: you come home loaded down with shopping with your hands full. So in this situation you are glad of any help with one task or the other: like controlling your light with a simple voice command. You can also turn down the temperature and thus create the room climate which is comfortable for you within your own four walls. Thanks to the integration of Alexa, the Amazon Echo voice assistant, as of spring 2018 many of your Bosch Smart Home functions will be available on command. Some new functions will already be available on the Bosch Smart Home Cameras in autumn 2017: activate Amazon Echo with a keyword and switch on your indoor and outdoor camera by voice command. Alternatively, you can use the voice recognition function to switch your outdoor camera light on and off.

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Amazon Alexa and Bosch Smart Home: smart buddies

  • Flexible: activate your cameras by voice command anywhere in the home
  • Convenient: easily control your Smart Home System by voice command (as of spring 2018)
  • User-friendly: easily transfer the image from your Eyes Outdoor camera to your TV set
  • Future-proof: continuous development ensures compatibility with Bosch Smart Home devices and functions

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Alexa and Bosch Smart Home

As of spring 2018 you can control your Bosch Smart Home System on command. Simply tell Alexa what you want and she will carry out your command. In time, Alexa will get used to your turns of phrase and will be better able to adapt herself to your habits. You say:

"Alexa, show the outdoor camera."

Alexa switches on the outdoor camera and streams the content onto your FireTV, so you can see on the screen who is standing on the doorstep.

"Alexa, put the bedroom blinds down halfway."

As of spring 2018 you will be able to operate your blind control easily by voice command and adjust the light let into rooms to suit you.

"Alexa, activate Goodnight"

Alexa switches on all the applications saved in the scenario. Enjoy the convenience of automated scenarios and activate them by voice command.

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Amazon Echo: suitable products

You can connect the following Smart Home products to Amazon Echo for easy control by voice command:

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360° Indoor Camera

Intelligent indoor monitoring with privacy mode

Find out more

Eyes Outdoor Camera

Full HD outdoor camera with alarm and lighting function

Find out more

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Who or what is Alexa?!

"Alexa" is a voice control service from Amazon which allows you to operate selected devices in your home via the human language. This form of voice control is based on a working Internet connection. The evaluation of the spoken commands and the triggering of the respective device functions are realized via the IT infrastructure (data centers) of Amazon.

Where can I get help on installing the Amazon devices or setting up the voice control service "Alexa"?

All necessary information can be found on the Internet on the pages of Amazon. From the main menu go to "Departments -> Echo & Alexa -> Content & Resources -> Meet Alexa". Here you will find lots of useful background information about the devices and services of Amazon's "Alexa"

If you still have open questions, please contact Amazon Customer Service directly and they will provide you with expert advice on supported devices and Amazon specific voice control .

Where can I buy the devices that allow me to use the "Alexa" voice control?

These devices, such as the smart Amazon "Echo" speaker or the Amazon "Show" smart display, can be purchased through one of Amazon's many sales channels or the established Amazon Web shop.

If you are unsure, please contact Amazon Customer Service directly, and they will provide you with expert tips or advice on compatible Amazon devices which are supporting the voice control service "Alexa".

What do I have to keep in mind when connecting the Bosch Smart Home devices to "Alexa"?

You need a Bosch account in the Bosch Cloud (eg your existing Bosch Smart Camera Access) and your Bosch Smart Camera (360° or Eyes), which should already be installed and functional. You also need a valid Amazon user account. The connection itself can be carried out on all devices, where you can call the webshop of Amazon or the corresponding app.

Important: If you use the Amazon Alexa app, make sure that you use the latest version. Before installation, check if there is an update for the app in the respective Appstore available and install it. Otherwise, the installation process may be disturbed unnecessarily and must be restarted.

When will I be able to control the other Bosch Smart Home products via Amazon's "Alexa"?

By the end of first quarter of 2018 latest, you can operate selected functions of the Bosch Smart Home Indoor Camera 360 and the Bosch Smart Home Outdoor Camera Eyes via "Alexa". We are working hard to ensure that you will be able to address many other functions of the numerous other components of your Bosch Smart Home system via "Alexa" in the future. The first functionalities will be available in the first half of 2018 and we will continue to expand the scope of functions in the future.

More FAQs about Alexa can be found here